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Synching Treo 600

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  • Synching Treo 600

    Having trouble getting my Treo and Outlook categories to synch. I have added all of the category titles to the Treo and set the file indicators in what I think is the correct form. When I synch I cannot view my Task List grouped by categories...all items show up as unfiled. If I change the category on the Treo it shows up the way I want.

    I have had this in the past with other Palm devices but it is once every 2-3 years so I don't remember how to resolve.

    Any help?

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    I think it has to do with how your categories are synced in PocketMirror.

    You should have a PocketMirror folder in your Start Menu. Go to PocketMirror settings. From there you should be able to change how your categories sync.


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      Make sure that you have Chapura Professional

      To have better control over your categories, you should purchase the professional version of Chapura Pocket Mirror. It gives you a great deal of control over all aspects of your Hotsynch w/ Outlook.

      As a Treo 300 user, I also have to warn you about using the Chapura key contacts. It is superior to any Palm address book that I've seen, but doesn't play well with the Treo phone features. I don't know if Chapura's new Key Suite fixes this.

      I had spent a great deal of time configuring outlook and Chapura about a year ago, but I for the details, as I no longer use Outlook, having switched to Time Matters <>.