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Mobile GTD Tool Kit?

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  • Mobile GTD Tool Kit?

    I live in NYC and do a lot of traveling within the city so I have a mobile office system I carry with me. Some of my GTD tools I carry all the time (no matter where I am going) and others I carry only when I know I am going somewhere to do work. I would like to hear what everyone uses/carries.

    Carry all the time tools:
    - iPhone 4 with OmniFocus
    - Moleskinne notebook and mechanical pencil

    Mobile Office Tools:
    - (4) different folders (Inbox, Read/Review, Action Support, To Home)
    - Macbook Pro
    - External HDD
    - Logitech Mouse

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    Mine is in a belt pouch

    My mobile GTD kit consists of
    My Palm Treo Cell Phone (phone & shipping list in SplashShopper)

    My iPod Touch & microphone earbuds (Main GTD list manager in the form of Omnifocus, also the calendar, contacts database & notes in Evernote. Also used for Skype when in wifi range.)

    Cheap 3 x 5 inch notepad (capture device)

    2 pens (1 always quits just when I need it)

    Canon PowerShot SD940 IS camera (amazing how it works as a capture tool)

    spare battery for camera

    spare image card for camera

    printout of the spreadsheep that has all the sheep with their names, official tag numbers and some critical data, (# of lambs this year and sexes of lambs, age & latest health notes)

    about a dozen business cards

    Leatherman fuse multitool (Critical for doing a lot of 2 minute or less tasks as soon as I see them. Also for cutting fences if sheep get tangled, cutting hay strings, repairing fences and more.)

    I carry these things with me all the time in a belt pouch or on my belt. Doesn't matter where I am going. If I go out I still wear my belt pouch. If it's a fancy out as in dressed up in something other than valley formal (no irrigating boots, not much manure on your shoes and no blood on your clothes ) I put these items into my purse.

    Only additions are seasonal, summer I add an epi pen because I am allergic to bees and some autumns I add a handgun on my belt (not concealed) depends on how many bears are in the area. If I could figure how to carry a lever action rifle or shotgun easily I'd prefer that but a handgun is a reasonable bear scaring tool in a pinch. Still trying to find a handy quick access shoulder scabbard for a long gun that a short person can carry easily.


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      My Mobile setup consists of the following:

      Iphone4 and Blackberry curve both with evernote (evernote is my new list manager and capture tool and it's amazing!)
      Fisher spacepen
      small swiss army knife
      moleskine notebook
      wallet with business cards
      dell d630 with evernote also and outlook for calendar
      Backpack with supplies like stickynotes, extra pens
      franklin covey porfolio inside of which I carry a yellow notepad and the following plastic folders: in, project support, action support, printed calendar, privacy screen for laptop

      That's it.



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        I use Got To Do sync Toodledo sync Outlook.
        I complete with a Moleskine weekly pocket black cover as calendar and to capture on the right side page.
        occasionally an index card, same size of the moleskine


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          Moleskine + Blackberry + BPOS

          My GTD system is all written down in a Moleskine. Because it has no batteries, is with me all the time, is easy to access and works fine for me. On the other hand I use my Blackberry for my agenda, contacts and e-mail.
          I also use a Microsoft BPOS subscription to have a true mobile worker solution. BPOS offers me an Exchange account including Blackberry BES support and I have a sharepoint to store all my documents.
          Occasionally I also use a netbook but that really depends on where I am. Most of the time a laptop is good enough. I use a laptop from my customer where I have a project and I also use my own laptop when I go visit new customers.
          Because I have to use these different computers this mobile solution works best for me. I can access my notes on Evernote, my mails on Exchange Online, my documents on Sharepoint and I have my next action lists in my Moleskine.
          To replace the Moleskine by RememberTheMilk has already passed my mind many times but for now I still prefer the Moleskine.



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            IPhone 4 Notes, Voice Recorder to record stuff on the go
            Paper at desk notebook to write down stuff
            Inbox for icoming paper stuff


            Canedar and Taks is Pocket Informant on IPhone

            That's it.


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              I have three layers of basic mobile stuff:

              1. If I am out and about, I have my iPhone, a very small notetaker and a pen with me

              2. If I am going somewhere around town to work, or will be out of town briefly, I also take a small bag with my iPad and an 8.5 x 11 folio.

              3. If I have domestic travel of more than a week, I will also take my laptop.

              When I went to China for 2+ weeks this summer, I took 1. and 2. I also carry appropriate accessories as needed when I travel: chargers, memory sticks, folders, post-its et cetera.


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                My job requires me not to have a camera device. so my setup is more special

                1) non-camera cheap Samsung phone that is at least 7 years old.
                2) ipod touch
                |---- Calengoo sync Google Calender
                |---- 2Do sync Toodledo
                |---- Read-It-Later sync firefox
                |---- Evernote

                3) one cheap notebook for note taking.


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                  Mobile setup

                  I am mobile often enough I've had to subdivide mobile setups.

                  1) Lightest setup (always on my person; nothing in my hands);

                  3x5 cards in a notetaker

                  location examples: walk into gas station, go get mail, work in yard:

                  2) Common setup (a bag filled with most commonly-used items, including 8.5x11 notepad, mints, camera, keyring with flash drive, pocketknife, etc.; and also a 32 oz water bottle); this is with me to every destination... if I leave the property, my bag is with me. When I am in "light mobile" mode (above), my bag stays locked in my car.

                  What is actually in this bag evolves in an 80-20 sort of way. I remove items that don't get much use and keep those items that will cover 80+% of the situations I face.

                  3) Work to do setup (a second bag--backpack--which contains my electronics gear: laptop, batteries, all chargers and cables, Maglite, multiple types of backups of data, etc.).

                  4) Work to do overnight setup (a third bag-- over the shoulder-- which contains 3 prepacked days of clothing as well as one week+ of all toiletries, vitamins, medicines, and first aid items).

                  5) Ready to go anywhere. (my car, which contains additional supplies, gear, and tools depending on the season of the year). With that I can leave, drive cross-country, wash my car, shine my shoes, and walk into a meeting looking fresh.

                  If I'm gone for an hour, I may just take my briefcase, so I'm ready in seconds. If I'm gone for a week, I take briefcase, backpack, and shoulder bag and am ready to go in 4 minutes. Last week I took a 1500 mile drive with someone who had half of the van worth of boxes and bags. I prefer to be more self-contained, so I can carry daily bag, gear, and clothing/toiletries all at once.

                  I moved more towards paperless after unsuccessfully trying to find a portable-enough set of office equipment. I still have paper but many of the little scraps turn into text files or PDF's.

                  fwiw ymmv


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                    Analog Version

                    Hi, I have a small company and also work in another one, so I have to have both buisinesses at hand.

                    I want to keep it all analoge, so plain pen and paper system. The reason for this is that the GTD books says keep the number of places small and I dont want to do digital and analog lists at the same time.

                    I just use a A4-size ring binder and apropriate paper.
                    To be fast and as an In-Tray I use something called kangaroo pouches, as far as I could find out in english they are called expandable sheet protectors. So these things are plastic folders which fit into the ring binder and are open on the top. They can take up to 50 sheets of paper or A4-paper file folders as well.

                    The main folder is divided into sections for the lists and also uses indexes as tickler system. one with the 31 for the days and one for the 12 months. (pre-made plastic index/tabs/dividers)

                    Sorry for the english, but there is no dictionary translating german "office supply words" into english ones.

                    So with all the dividers its allready a quater full but still handy enough to carry everything I need, from lists to invoices to pay, calendar info in tickler system, project list etc.

                    Since I have a office place at home and at work I dont need any computer, just a usb stick with little mobile/portable apps.. (like the mgsd tiddly wiki system..)

                    Hope that helps.


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                      My mobile setup

                      In Town - During The Work Day
                      In my Lands End briefcase bag:
                      * iPhone w/ "Nirvana" link
                      * Reporters style notebook for capture
                      * Netbook w/ wireless mouse
                      * Flash drive
                      * Printed files if not on flash drive (pretty rare)
                      * Pen, highlighter
                      * Read/Review materials including newspaper

                      In Town - Weekends/Evenings
                      * iPhone w/ "Nirvana" link
                      * several 3x5 cards for quick capture

                      Out of Town
                      * iPhone w/ Nirvana link
                      * "Reporters" style notebook
                      * Netbook or Laptop (if I need to do lots of writing) w/ wireless mouse
                      * Printed materials if not on flash drive (ie conference materials)
                      * Pens, highlighters, small stapler
                      * Folder to collect printed materials to be processed when I return to office
                      * Read/Review materials
                      * mp3 player
                      * chargers
                      * KeySpan “Easy Presenter” Remote Control for presentations
                      * Monster MP Outlet To Go
                      * Business cards, gum, quick energy bars, aspirin
                      While I use the smaller Lands End bag for daily use, when I travel out of town I use the larger version. It's always packed and ready to go with the items I don't carry everyday. (I'm not sure if Lands End makes these bags anymore..but they are the best and I've tried as many bags/briefcases as some women collect purses.)

                      Nirvana is where I keep track of next action items and projects.
                      One Note is what I use to keep track of projects, reference material etc.
                      All data is kept on my flash drive so I can use on my Netbook, work computer, or laptop at home. (Flash drive is backed up weekly on home computer and on backup hard drive each month)

                      Why so many computers? My laptop is perfect for writing but it is very heavy. The netbook is perfect for quick access to materials on OneNote while out of the office and work provides me with a nice desk top. OK, I like variety.

                      I think that's pretty much all of it.