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  • Producteev

    Has anyone tried out Producteev? I created an account and started it play around with it, and adapting it to GTD seems to be very hard for me. I like the fact that I can sync Astrid with it on my Droid, but I can't even get a task to stay in the built in inbox folder! I'm curious how other people might be using Producteev as their GTD setup.

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    This is in the wrong forum!!

    Sorry folks. Can someone move this to the other forum?


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      Done. Thanks.


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        Have you tried using multiple workspaces for contexts?

        Hi hi!

        I spent some time trying to figure out the best way to apply GTD to Producteev as well, and found that using multiple workspaces worked well for me. Producteev allows as many personal workspaces as you like for free and has a good overview mode for a complete snapshot of all tasks by workspace. I wrote about the method here:

        Judi Huck, the Producteev community guru has also put up a succession of posts applying GTD via labels in Producteev. Check it out here.

        Hope that was helpful!


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          I was hoping to be able to use Producteev, since I really like the UI, but there were the deal breakers for me.

          From a GTD methodology, Workspaces are ideally used as projects. But each Workspace has it's own tags, it's own inbox, and it's own set of smartfilters that don't move between workspaces.

          So, I find it impossible to see all my next actions in one list. I fail to understand how this is an adequate design for any task management system, not just GTD.

          If tags flowed across workspaces, and I could create smartfiters across workspaces, I might be willing to give Producteev a try.

          For now, I think I am giving up.



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            I think they might be working on things like that, Andy -- in the meantime, you can get a good overview of next actions in all workspaces from your Overview page. They are ideally suited from projects, in the traditional sense, but Workspaces work quite well as contexts for next actions as well. I've been using it this way for about a month now with no issues.


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              I'm with Andy on this, as I remarked on the 40tech page. It's a bit hard to articulate the problem, but the basic approach of Producteev is not the same as GTD.

              Because labels are not global, do not cross workspaces, they are pretty useless for me. So, I tried setting up workspaces for contetxs, e.g. @office, @home, etc. I also set one up for projects, which require more than one "next action."

              However, with my GTD process, I need to have tasks remain in the “Projects” context but also appear in another, for example, “@Office.” To illustrated, I have a “prepare for Baltimore trip” project–set up with a label, the next task for which is “gather paperwork.” If I place that task in my “@office” context, then it no longer appears in the “Projects” workspace--which means that when I review that project, I cannot see all of the actions assigned to it anymore.

              I need to see ALL my tasks in the projects workspace, even after I move them to their relevant context. That’s how I work GTD and I don’t think this method accommodates that.

              I may try to do some other way to make Producteev work the GTD way, but I think using labels rather than workspaces for GTD contexts is going to be clunky.

              I currently use Jello.Dashboard, an Outlook add-on, to do my GTD. I like the idea of a web-based app and Producteev has some nice functionality, but I'm likely to give up on it in a day or so.

              I recently came across "Remember the Milk" and may try that, as there seems to be a good GTD tutorial:


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                I also tried Producteev and had similar issues incorporating my work style and GTD implementation.


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                  I tried using Producteev actually before I knew about GTD. And failed with it completely because I used it for general to-do lists obviously, non Gtd...

                  There are much better apps for GTD anyway, why would you want to use Producteev? I could recomend Nirvana2 as a web based app