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PDA case recommendations?

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  • PDA case recommendations?

    I've discovered that one of the reasons I don't look at my PDA regularly is because the case I use is awkward and uncomfortable. It's a rhinoskin aluminum case that looks great--all sleek and metallic--but it's a pain in the neck to work with. So, in an effort to overhaul my GTD practices as well as my Palm use, I'm interested in any and all recommendations for great ways to carry a PDA.

    Protection is probably my chief concern, but that's what led me to the aluminum case. I've seen some interesting attempts at integrating PDAs into binders, but I'm not confident that the screen is protected or that pages could be easily used when a PDA is sitting on the other side of binder rings. (BTW, my PDA is a Palm IIIc that I've had since 2001--ancient in Palm years!)

    I think I'm even ready to set aside my aversion to Velcro. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.


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    Beth, I'm currently looking for a case for my new T2 so I feel your pain!

    Here are some websites for PDA case manufacturers and/or vendors that may be helpful to you:

    Also, here are some manufacturers whose websites I plan to find and visit:
    Columbia Sportswear
    Eagle Creek
    Gripgear Designs

    Good luck!



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      Thanks, Claudia--please report back on your progress! The web sites you listed will be very helpful. You might also want to check out --they have at least one universal PDA case that you might find interesting.


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        PDA Cases...

        Well, there are VERY few things in life that I am completely "sold" on...David Allen's seminars and CDs are one thing....another thing I am completely sold on are PDA cases by Vaja ( I have had one for each of the last three PDAs, I've had, and they are incredibly sturdy, protect the PDA, and look extremely sharp. They are not however, cheap. But I say...spoil yourself-- these cases are worth it!



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          Palm cases

          I have used the stiff leather Palm brand cases for years, and they work very well. The generic knock-offs are ok, but not as good. I do not recommend the soft leather close-fitting cases: they will not protect your palm if you drop it (voice of experience)! The aluminum cases are good if you need a crushproof case (for carrying in a backpack, et cetera), but are not really that good for protection when dropped.



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            just purchased a sena leather (red and black) case from here for my tungsten t3.
            and i'm very happy with it so far.
            magnetic flap closure, and the BEST thing - you can place it in the cradle for charging/synching and you don't need to remove the case.....
            vaja - look gorgeous too - perhaps next time
            cheers Helen


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              Fast, convenient access to my PDAs is why I have been carrying mine in belt-clipped cases for years. My favorite was EB Cases Slipper case for my Palm Vx. When ever I had the slightest need: click, flip, and I was writing away, almost automatically. I'm sure they still sell great stuff, but I've shyed away from them since the Slipper case that I bought for my Tungsten T was so loose that I had to use double-sided tape to keep the PDA in it. Also, I had two belt clips break on me.

              I definitely recommend a form-fitting leather, belt-clipped case, though.



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                Orbino of Italy

                As far as form fitting Palm cases go, the ultimate model I've seen comes from Orbino of Italy. It features hand stitched sides and pure silver buttons. There is also a new Apple iPhone Case