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iPod Touch 4th Gen bugs w/ Calendar BEWARE

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  • iPod Touch 4th Gen bugs w/ Calendar BEWARE

    Just got my brand new iPod Touch 4th Generation yesterday.

    After spending nearly all day getting all my SW on it and getting it all set up I started to actually use it.

    So far the biggest problem is that all old repeating events and all old events that were set to all day in iCal are now showing up on the Calendar on the iPod with no end dat. So I have thousands of old events coming back to haunt me today.

    Called Apple and per their suggestion did a full reset to factory (thus losing all my music and data <sigh>) but the problem is still there.

    iCal on the mac is fine.

    Calendar on the iPod 2nd Gen running 3.1.2 is also just fine.

    Until I had hit the calendar bug I was really happy with speed and performance of the new iPods.....

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    Possible Fix but not fully tested yet

    Spent time on the phone with Apple rep again this AM.

    Renaming the Synch Services folder to force a completely new one seems to have fixed the problem for now.

    Go to Home>Library>SynchServices and rename that entire folder to something else.

    Restart the mac

    Try synch again.

    You will have to cancel any automatic syncs and re-create all your synch services stuff but once I did that my calendar issues are solved for the moment.

    Will keep track and see if it causes more problems later as I rebuild my iPod including 2 apps that sync over wifi, Evernote & Omnifocus