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Real Estate Assistant (REA)... anyone using with GTD?

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  • Real Estate Assistant (REA)... anyone using with GTD?

    Does anyone use a program called "Real Estate Assistant"? It's a customer relations management (CRM) program for commercial real estate professionals. It's also a time-management program. I can set it up using GTD practices, but it only syncs to Outlook Calendar (not tasks). Looking for suggestions on how to practice GTD using this program....that I've invested a lot of money in! Thanks in advance....

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    I took a look at it. It looks a bit like ACT with real estate features. In general, I have found CRM is not good for GTD and I recommend you simply use something else to manage your projects and next actions. If you buy a pig and try to get eggs from it instead of bacon, you are going to have problems.


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      Eggs, bacon...your analgies are making me hungry!

      Yes, REA is similar to ACT. I'm reaching the same conclusion that my CRM won't work well with GTD. Sigh.. Now I will need to find a system that will work with my PC and Iphone. I've tried Toodledo and RTM and not loving those. Too bad Omnifocus doen't have a PC version. Any suggestions on this front?