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Blackberry and My Life Organized software

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  • Blackberry and My Life Organized software

    For those of you using a Blackberry and wishing for a sophisticated GTD tool, I suggest you look at My Life Organized software. For years, they've had solid desktop software (an outliner specifically designed for GTD) that syncs with Pocket PCs. However, they just introduced a Blackberry App that syncs to their Desktop App via USB or Cloud Sync.

    I love the software because it is both powerful and "light on it's feet." I had been using Bonsai (and Shadow Plan before that) as I like the ability to organize my projects and tasks in outline format. MyLife Organized has all the outline features I need, plus it is optimized for GTD and has a Blackberry client. If interested, I recommend watching the 3 minute overview video they have on their home page ( The desktop application is very mature, and -- in my opinion -- My Life Organized works best if you do most of your data entry and planning on the PC and use your Blackberry mainly to refer to your task list, check off complete items, and add a few items.

    Also, they offer templates specifically for GTDers to get you started, and they have a fair amount of GTD-specific information on their website. They also plan to introduce iPhone and Android versions in the future that would also sync to the Desktop app.