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Tickler File System (Letter size) & 3x5 index cards

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  • Tickler File System (Letter size) & 3x5 index cards

    I started using the good ole tickler filing system using letter sized folders in my filing cabinet. I like to also use 3x5 cards for the daily to do's etc.
    Is anyone using both, and what I mean are you putting a 3x5 card in a future letter sized tickler file for future use?
    At first i started just a 3x5 tickler system and i liked the fact that I can just grab a stack for that day and run. Now I guess I need to go into the letter sized file grab any documents and grab any 3x5's laying in there.
    Any suggestions???

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    Thanks for the no replies!!!!

    Anybody have an idea


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      you did ask if anyone was using both ...

      Maybe that's why there's no replies? Personally I haven't used an index card for 20 years, but then I am a digital geek!


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        Originally posted by gator View Post
        Anybody have an idea
        This is just another data point, but Levenger used to make various nice leather pads with functionality for both letter-size paper and 3x5 cards. They don't make them anymore. Sometimes a way of doing things is not a bad way, but times change. Look at Franklin Covey, and the changes in what they stock in their stores- it's not clear to me they have a business model that's viable in the long run.


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          I may not really understand your question.
          If you use letter-sized tickler files, it makes no difference whether you put a letter-sized document in it, or a 3 x 5, or any other size.
          I have a letter-sized tickler file. I put docs of all sizes in there -- postcards I get announcing upcoming events, coupons I want to think about using before they expire, doctor appointment cards (business card size) and some 2 x 2 notes where I captured my thoughts. I have a stack of 2 x 2 notes on my desk as a capture tool.

          In the beginning I put dollar bills in the tickler randomly as an incentive to get me to check the tickler every day. I also put in randomly drawings my kids made. This way, on some days I get a warm fuzzy moment when I check the tickler and pull out a drawing.

          As I have refined my use of ticklers over the past 8 years of using them, I now have only 12 ticker files, one for each month, that I check on the first of each month. It just suits me better this way, I have no strong argument for or against the more traditional 43 files. If there is really an important date-related document, I put an event in my Lotus Notes calendar to remind me, with the hard-copy in the tickler. This way I see it coming in my weekly reviews.