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Contacts with multiple addresses

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  • Contacts with multiple addresses

    Most of my contacts (I use Outlook) have multiple addresses, home, work etc... Palm does not support this basic requirement. How are other people getting around this limitation? I've seen KeySuits mentioned for other Outlook portability issues, it appears from the documentation that KeySuits will handle at least 2 address for each contact.

    How are others dealing with this? If I use KeySuites, will I loose the ability to install other software that interfaces with the native Palm apps?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Keysuites will do what you want, but it does have its own database so it won't interface with other Palm apps. Another thing to consider, though, is that Palm updated the PIMs in the Tungsten T3 and E so that they can handle more than one address natively.



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      Thanks for the reply, I have a Tungsten T, so I missed the updated PIM. I'll check with Palm to see if it's backwards compatible, before I commit to KeySuites


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        I know someone at work who uses the UserDefined fields as an additional set of address fields. User1 = Home Address, User2 = Home City, User3 = Home State, User4 = Home ZIP. He then has Intellisync (we tried Pocket Mirror but it was one way from Outlook on the User defined fields) map those user fields to the Home address fields in Outlook. He seems to like it that way.