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  • Mind Mapping Tool

    While I have used the different software options for mind mapping I have found that I do the process best if I do it on paper.

    A couple of months ago while revising my desk and filing set-up I found a product by Levenger ( called the Oaisis Note Pad that is really a nice tool. I thought I'd pass on the experience.

    The Oaisis Pad is 11x17 and has a large center area for the mind map with ruled borders for notes and a date section. If you fold a page in half it is designed to fit perfectly into a standard file folder or notebook.

    Levenger sells the pads alone, or you can get different holders. I got the leather pad backer that works as a desk blotter so I always have the tool in front on me on my desk to do a quick map when inspiration hits.


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    looks very nice .. here's the link if anyone else want to see it: