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Suggestions for Planner Apps for a Android-based ereader?

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  • Suggestions for Planner Apps for a Android-based ereader?

    I have decided against the smart phone route since we already are paying a full data pkg price for hubby's phone & I refuse to pay double, so doing much organizing beyond an occasional alarm on my phone is hopeless. So when I was offered an eReader as a gift out of the blue, I decided to go with one that has extra features and an Android platform.

    Since I'm going to have my reader with me all the time and it's roughly the size of my paper planner (been paper based exclusively for several years after hating the switch to digital with an early window mobile palm-type device), & I loathe carrying around multiple items, I've been researching android-based apps that would make it so that carrying a phone and reader would cover my planner needs also.

    The eReader came preloaded with a calendar app that is possibly sufficient as a calendar only. My main requirements in a calendar are that I have to be able to see a monthly view, a vertical weekly view, and a daily view. I have been looking around this site and the app sites (INFORMATION OVERLOAD!) and am trying to find the best option for me without having to download a million trials......which I detest.

    ActionComplete looked like a decent GTD choice, but there was nothing in their video that showed it integrating with any calendar at all & I didn't see anything filtered by contexts, which confused me.

    I really don't want to have to use a bunch of different programs for various pieces of my calendar, and honestly not being a smart phone user, I don't understand the use of 3-4 programs/apps to get your planner in place (which it sounds like many do). I don't even know if all these apps talk to each other, or if you just pick which one to open based on what type of info you need it to have.

    SOOO firstly, sorry for sounding like such a newbie, but in this area I truly am.

    Secondly, what planner apps do you suggest? Ideally I am a one-stop shopper and I don't mind paying for the *right* program.

    Main components of my system are calendar which mainly requires different views of my appts--color coding option would be nice but not required. Also would be nice if it could have an attractive skin vs generic executive blandness.

    Other than that I don't do much fancy. I need to track the common contexts: I mainly use calls, errands, agendas, and projects.

    I need to not have to click through a million things to input a new commitment (or I likely won't do it), and obviously many of the apps are written for android-based phones, which I am not using it on a phone so that is a bit of an added complication.

    I appreciate so much any help you can offer. I've always gotten good advice here!

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    Originally posted by Aspen View Post

    I need to track the common contexts: I mainly use calls, errands, agendas, and projects.
    No experience on ereader but on Android I use Got To Do. And I'm fully satisfied!


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      AC (ActionComplete) for Web Pro ($19.99/year) has an integrated view of your Google Calendar (and up to 4 additional calendars). You are welcome to have a look at the screenshots at

      Kind regards,
      Borys Burnayev
      GTD for Android and Web