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Outlook & Blackberry (Tasks with email attachement)

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  • Outlook & Blackberry (Tasks with email attachement)

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to figure out the best way to transform an outlook email into a task.

    I have outlook 2010 and the GTD 2010 white paper suggested that I either:

    1. Add a task with the email as an attachment
    2. Add a task with a copy of the body of the email

    I certainly prefer the first option since i can double click the "email icon" and reply to the mail immediately instead of searching my @ACTION email folder for the email again.

    My problem is my blackberry.

    After synchronizing the tasks to my blackberry i found out that the message is not visible on the BB. I tried pocketinformant and the problem is the same.

    Did anyone face a similar problem before? what's the best practice for this situation

    I am extensively on the move and do use my blackberry a lot to finish my work.

    Appreciate any info you can share

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    This is the expected behavior actually. File attachments would not appear on a BlackBerry.

    If you actually want to respond from your BlackBerry, I would create the Task as Text, the have a really clear organizing system for storing the original email to reply to, like "@Action Support" that we suggest. Look at the latest Coaches' Connection article on Connect for a detailed description of this.


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      Thanks a lot Kelly. The article was very helpful.