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Windows Mobile 7, Outlook tasks and OneNote 2010

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  • Windows Mobile 7, Outlook tasks and OneNote 2010


    Has anyone tried the combination above for GTD? I am really interested in the idea of having OneNote at least viewable in a mobile device, and then I am assuming that tasks would still sync as per Outlook and older windows mobile versions. I still havent had the chance to take a good look at the devices, so am after any feedback.


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    Anything? Anyone?


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      My whole system is in onenote so I was pretty interested in ON2010s web services when they came out. The approach I wanted to take was to use the MS Webapps version of OneNote, which links nicely with OneNote2010. then I could view it on any mobile with internet.

      Alas whole online sync service that Microsoft is just poor and I must confess even as a tech lover I couldnt get my head around it (see this link) and gave up.

      I also sync my ON across 3 computers, but ON2010 uses a new proprietary format that's not backwards compatible, so to sync it I have to buy 3 new copies of ON2010, which isn't worth it.

      For the record, I sync ON2007 across 3 computers using Dropbox. Instead of worrying about ON online access, I just export my Tasklist (the tag list in onenote) and my project list as word documents and put them in Dropbox, which appears on my phone.

      If I was really on the road a lot with work I might explore some more, but this suits me for now.


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        OneNote2010 available for the iPhone

        Hi all...just to let everyone know that OneNote2010 is available for th iPhone and it is free. I am combining my task management with Outlook and the "ToDo" app for the iPhone while handling projects with OneNote via the free SkyDrive service offered with a Microsoft Live ID.