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Lotus Notes Headache

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  • Lotus Notes Headache

    Hi all
    Hit a snag with it, well first I use Ubuntu Linux 64bit and its a 32bit distribution only - but got round that and got it installed and running.

    My problem is, I cannot get it to send mail, I use hotmail, and my account is ancient so I can actually still connect Outlook to it, and I have configured other clients easy as using the settings and sockets ...

    Lotus Notes demands Domino Mail server settings, and i have spent hours looking for a way round the fact I dont have Domino, when I installed i used the no Domino server options - but in Locations it demands settings for servers that I dont have

    First it demands I put in a Domino Mail domain - I have no idea what goes here at all

    It also demands - "if you send outgoing mail directly to the Internet, you must enter both an internet mail address on the Basics tab and an internet domain for Notes addresses on the Mail Tab" - again no idea what it is talking about.

    I have played around - and it doesnt send, the test messages appear in the sent folder but they are not arriving anywhere (yes even junk!!)

    Thing is - I am liking it, but I am only trying to configure 1 account here, I have 2 work, 2 personal, and will be getting another 2-8 work boxes in the next year - so I need to test it with the multiple accounts!

    Obviously if it cant work with my mail its useless. I am checking what I am doing against a 32 bit install to check functionality - and same problems on that machine too ... (its an old laptop)

    And yes I have done many searches online - at best they tell you the settings to use for pop and smtp ....

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    Is the "it" Lotus Notes itself? Meaning you installed it and are trying to get it to work?


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      Yep - the it is lotus notes softwre that is not sending emails.

      The software is working in other respects, as far as I can tell, but obviously without the basic functionality of send email its a bit crippled.


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        Try this:



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          Lotus Notes Headache

          organize your agenda list according to the person's name so that all the items you need to discuss with that person are grouped together. Then when you see one of these people, you can glance at your list and see all the outstanding items. In that moment you can make the decision about what's important to talk about now and what should be deferred for later.