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Anyone using PocketMirror

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  • Anyone using PocketMirror

    Is there anyone out there using PocketMirror from Chapura. I am especially interested to know how it compares with Keysuite from Chapura which I use on a Palm Centro. Thinking of getting a Palm Pixi and want to know if it works well for GTD.

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    Pocket Mirror or Keysuite

    I have been using Keysuite for years. I have an old Palm Tungsten E2 & sync Outlook at work with Exchange (Windows XP Pro) & at home with Outlook.pst. When I went to Windows 7 I was disappointed that there was no more USB support, but with a Targus Bluetooth Adapter for my laptop & desktop at home I found syncing was buisness as usual. I did have conflicts, so I just have 'work' overwrite Palm & Palm overwrite 'home'. I find it to be the best solution. Having the unlimited categories is good too. I recall using PocketMirror years ago.

    Sorry I couldn't provide a complete answer, but a little feedback on my experience may help this thread.


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      I'm using Keysuite myself. It's one of those thingg that works so smoothly I don't really notice its there. I just use it everyday without any hassle at all.
      I assume PocketMirror does the same sort of thing but with the new Palm OS, and works as well, but would like to get some feedback if there is anyone who has used it. I know I can get a trail version but that would be only after buying a Palm Pixi and GTD functionality is the key issue for me.

      You've reminded me of the inability of cable sync with the Pixi. I assume I can get on the WiFi system at work but it is annoying that I don't have the option of the old cable route.


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        Pocket Mirror user

        I have been using PocketMirror for almost 2 years on a Palm Pre for my GTD setup synchronizing calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes to Outlook on a home pc. It synchronizes wirelessly and is seamless. I have not had any issues installing or using it and the functionality on the Pre works perfect for me.


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          Thanks for the reply Veritas. Sounds like Keysuite then! Glad to hear it.