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Portability of email provider

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  • Portability of email provider

    Hello, I have a slightly technical question about IMAP email, but it's very GTD for me.

    I use an email account as my list manager, and there are lots of reasons why I love it which I won't bore you with.

    I am happy that I have portability at the client side. If I decided I did not like my Mac's built-in client for email, I could just switch to a 3rd party email app and carry on. I could switch completely away from the Mac too, and use Linux or a PC. All good at this end, I have control.

    But what about the server side? If I wanted to take my lists away from my IMAP provider, would it be possible to point my IMAP email client at a new IMAP provider ( or even my own server if I bought one ) and push all my email history into a replacement service? I'm not talking about redirection of new messages, but moving it all - lock, stock and barrel - because my messages are not historic, they are live actions.

    ( I use MobileMe, but what I want is for this to be irrelevant ).