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  • Labeler suggestions

    Can anyone recommend your favorite labeler for file folders? I don't think I'll like the real cheapies because I've been told they're difficult to cut, but I don't really know. I want it to be easy to use, look nice, and be efficient.

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    There are a couple of suggestions to your post in the other forum.


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      I love the Dymo LabelWriter 310. A little pricey @ $179 but well worth the convienence


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        I use the Brother PT-2300. For labeling files, I have a memory setting with a blank line and the right width for a manila file (I like it a tad shorter than the built-in size).

        After trying models with and without the "autocut" feature, I'd say that autocut is a must have. It really helps getting labels cut to just the right size to quickly file and move on.

        I got a refurbished one from for $55 from



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          I recently bought a Brother PT-65 for $20 at Staples. I'm very happy with it. There are several formating options, they are a little tricky to set, lots of codes to press, but I rarely change the format, so it really isn't an issue. It also takes 3/8 and 1/2 inch tape, which can be purchased anywhere. At $20, it was a very good buy.