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Webservice AdVirtus as a supplement to GTD?

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  • Webservice AdVirtus as a supplement to GTD?

    What do you think about the new webservice It reminds me of joesgoals but advirtus is more advanced. It could be a useful supplement to any GTD system as it helps to create and control productivity habits to follow the system. Moreover it uses game mechanics as you can actually earn rating while completing your tasks. The idea is simple - you should complete recurring or periodic tasks to make them your dream habit. If you postpone a task for a day than you will lose the earned score for this task. So the Jerry Seinfeld's chain should not be broken.
    You can whether create your own tasks or choose them from catalogue. You can create groups of tasks for teamwork. Also it is possible to discuss and leave comments on any task there. The service is very young so the activity is not that huge there, but this could be an advantage.
    I hope that this information could be useful for the community.