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GTD with a Sharp Zaurus

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  • GTD with a Sharp Zaurus

    Anyone else using a Sharp Zaurus as part of your GTD system?

    I've been a big fan of my Linux-based Zaurus SL-5500 since I started using it two years ago, but in the month I've been implementing GTD I've been using it much more effectively.

    Right now my main list-keeping tools are the Zaurus (at home and on the go) and MS Outlook (at my desk at work). My Zaurus has version 3.1 of Sharp's ROM.

    For Next Action lists I use the standard Zaurus "Todo List" application. Each context is a different category (@Home, @Office, @Phone, @Errands, etc.), and the Todo List lets me show either all of my actions, or only those in a selected category. The Todo List entries sync very well, in both directions, with my Task List in Outlook.

    I also have a +Agendas category to track person-based lists, a +Projects category, and a +SD/MB category for my Someday/Maybe list.

    The system works pretty well for me, but I'm still looking for just the right system for planning and recording project ideas. Right now I go back and forth between using the "notes" section of the entries in my +Projects list to record project planning ideas, or using plain text files on the Zaurus or my laptop for that purpose. I'm experimenting a little bit with outlining programs such as IQNotes for the Zaurus, but I think they may be more trouble than they are worth. I like things simple, so I'll probably stick with easily-portable plain text files that I can work on with Notepad, Emacs, or whatever text editor I have handy.

    If there's anyone else using the Zaurus with GTD, I'd like to hear from you. Let's share some tips and tricks about what has worked and what hasn't.


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    Re: GTD with a Sharp Zaurus

    Hey Tetsujin - don't know if you're still around, but I thought I'd chime in here as a fellow Zaurus GTD'er.

    Are you still using this setup? It sounds very similar to what I have right now, although I've been syncing to Palm Desktop. I'll have to try syncing to Outlook, since I'm starting to run into Palm Desktop's limitations. Other than that, Sharp's default PIM apps leave a bit to be desired (in the To Do program I'd really like to be able to see the category as a list field and sort by it), but this setup's been working pretty well for me so far.

    For the projects list, I've been trying an outliner called StageOne. It's the most useable outliner I've seen for the Zaurus, and seems to be pretty actively developed. It saves the data in XML, so (with time and programming skill) you could concievably make something to read/write StageOne outlines on your desktop, although someone on another forum claims the developer's working on desktop sync. It's not free, but cheap for a commercial app ($12). Might be worth looking into...