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Anyone using Simple GTD?

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  • Anyone using Simple GTD?

    Still trying to figure out what program(s) to use to implement GTD. See that "Simple GTD" is recommended by Zen Habits author who says he uses this simple, free program. Any experience or thoughts about this

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    The right tool is always the question...

    Hi Rand

    I have not tried the program you mention... but...

    My journey with GTD started with paper planner (Filofax, Personal size), via Palm (Life Balance), back to paper, then to iPhone (trying out Things and Omni Focus - OF on both Mac and iPhone)....

    Iīm back on paper now, no surprise īcause I like the feel of a brand new diary at the begining of a new year, jotting down peoples birthdays and other things that I already know is going to happen in the new year... etc...

    As you can see :

    there are many ways to mastering GTD with a lot of different tools...

    I hope that you get the principles about GTD first, before you trying to find that "silver bullet"...

    Remember this.. itīs not the tool that do the work, itīs you. The tool is just a tool to collect lists with your next actions, projects, Agendas and other contexts...

    This was a long answer and it was not an answer to your question...

    Hopefully you get the grip of what tool you will use.

    Best whishes


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      wow - too many choices!

      Thanks for the link and advice. Trying to narrow down choices for GTD programs and the thread opened up to many more! Would like to get started with a program I can use and stick with for the new year, so better pick something.


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        I have a few questions:

        What do you want to get from the GTD system you use?
        What platform(s) are you using this system on?
        What are some core features you consider a 'must have'?

        There's a lot out there, but I think answering these three questions will help me to offer up some advice.