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Time Logging Software? Cheap with Outlook

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  • Time Logging Software? Cheap with Outlook

    Maybe I am looking for more than I need, but does anyone know of cheap software that can be used as a quick time log with fast date stamps that can be incorporated into Outlook or OneNote? I do have something in Excel. Just thinking outloud here. Thanks.

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    Do you just need to add a time or date stamp?

    Jere - If all you need to do is add a time or date stamp to a note in Outlook or OneNote, I suggest you look at ActiveWords. Among its many functions, it can do this in just about any context you can imagine. All I do is type "date" followed by a command key and AW inserts the date at my insertion point.

    Is this what you're after?


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      Not sure if this is what you're after, but have you considered using the Journal function in Outlook? You can record the topic/project you're tracking in the subject line. The entry is automatically date stamped--start the timer, record any details about what you're doing in the notes section, and go about your business. Close/save the journal entry when your work is done. There it is...a record of your activity.