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Keeping a reflective diary/journal on Handspring

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  • Keeping a reflective diary/journal on Handspring

    I am keen to integrate a reflective diary into my process on Handspring/Outlook.

    I had thought of using a set of memos with headings such as 4/11/02-10/11/02.

    Searching these would be covered in both Handspring and Outlook, but I'm not sure if this is the best way. I also have Wordsmith on my handheld which syncs with MS Word.

    Anyone tried this?


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    journal on palm/outlook

    you might want to check out a product called Daynotez-they have two versions -one is their own desktop application that syncs with the palm version and the other is Daynotez for Outlook--which also sync with the palm version.

    hope that helps



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      I use the memo pad method, as you have mentioned. It sorts chronologically, can be searched using the global find, superfinderhack, memoleaf, whatever you like. Also easy to search in Outlook/Desktop. Nice and easy.

      I have used Daynotez, but prefer to use the memo pad.



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        DayNotez is one of my all-time favorite handheld programs. And I've been using handhelds for about eight years


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          just use memo pad

          I keep all my notes in memo pad on the palm (then sync'd to Outlook).

          What I found works best for me is to name them as follows;
          (ex. 2002-11-17)

          That allows you to use the alphabetical sorting to get a chronological sort. It also gives you the flexibility to go back and add notes at a later time.

          I would recommend adding a new note per day -- that gives you more flexibility and when you do a find on either the handheld or Outlook, you see what individual day comes up.


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            just use palm memo

            I too have been resisting buying any add-on products for the Palm. I did try DayNotez however and I think its a great product. I could workaround the time stamp issue by naming my Palm memo's with a date as you suggest, but beyond that I feel a great feature of DayNotez is to store notes greater than 4096 (4K) characters - I think they allow 32K. I often end up splitting memos into multiple entries which is a bit of a pain. Its great to be able to copy and paste one of David's Productivity Principles newsletters and store the entire thing in a single memo.

            DayNotez also integrates with the Palm Find function so its easy to locate items.



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              just use palm memo -- I stand corrected


              Thank you for the response. I have given DayNotez a try and you've made a convert of me. Just purchased it.