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Outlook Add-in - project list with an action that is the project.

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  • Outlook Add-in - project list with an action that is the project.

    In the Active Tasks by Projects view with the Outlook Add-in the name of the project comes up in blue as one of the actions. I assume this is so you can check off the whole project as complete when you complete it, but does anyone know if there a way to hide this.

    I need to print my actions out by projects to someone else in the company and it just looks a bit odd having this as one of the actions listed.

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    Project Central

    Have you seen the "create report" function in project central? It does a good job of summarizing project calender item, tasks, sub projects etc....for print out


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      Thank you for pointing that out. Useful to know although it seems a pity you can't edit how it is presented.

      If anyone is interested I've actually found a way of filtering out the "project" action. You can filter out all actions with a tick in the "Master Project" field.

      I've also found a way of filtering out all of my actions that don't have a linked project. (in my system these area all actions associated with home but not work). This I have done by filtering out all those that have nothing in the "project" field.


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        Using add in with OUtlook 2007

        I'm been using the GTD addin with Outlook 2007 and its working perfectly at present. I had a few crashes early on but then I was asked to change to a new versions and no more crashes so far.

        I wish I had started using it earlier. I had held out against it due to the price for about 5 years!

        But it is certainly improving my swiftness in dealing with so many emails.