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How best to store Manilla Reference Files?

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  • How best to store Manilla Reference Files?


    I am struggling to store these effectively as they fall over. I have a filing cabinet as part of my desk which I want to use for these, makes sense as it is in easy reach, but it has no back or follow block.

    Does anyone have advice on where to find these? Any advice on tricks or tips to make this easier greatly appreciated. If it makes a difference I am UK based.


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    It's typically called a "follower block". Here's an example:

    And one of many threads from others in your shoes!

    Do a Forum search on "follower blocks" and you will see many, many posts on this question.

    Hope that helps!



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      If you don't *love*your filing cabinets, consider replacing them

      One of the things I noticed about any organizational system is that if you don't love it or at the very least like it, you won't use it. If there's a factor about your filing cabinets that makes them unappealing or inconvenient in the slightest way, you might start to feel resistance to using them. Then you might not want to touch your inbox because you're afraid you might have to put something in the file cabinet so you'll stop collecting and processing entirely and fall of the GTD wagon.

      I worked out of portable file boxes for a short time when I started my trial run of GTD. A month later I was ordering quality file cabinets with slider blocks. They really do make the difference; it a joy to use them.


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        Thanks for the advice guys