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Labeler that doesn't waste tape

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  • Labeler that doesn't waste tape

    I purchased a brother pt-1290 labeler and started to file my inbox. However, after a few trial labels, I found that if you don't use the default label size (1" on each side of the text) that the labeler prints out an extra 1/2" of tape that must be trimmed off (this is done by design and the labeler prints two small dots where it needs to be cut). This proved to be very annoying, as I had to trim each label with scissors, adding a step and not making it simple. So my question is, what model label maker does not waste tape when you and does not require any trimming with scissors? Thanks

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    Still looking too

    I've been using a label makers for various uses (GTD, tech manuals, etc) for years and I've found that all general use label makers (e.g. those found at big box office stores) will use a little extra tape to keep the label unit itself at a reasonable cost. The industrial units I use to tag/label items inside our process plants don't do waste that little bit of extra tape. The caveat to those is the starting price is around $900.

    If you're really interested you can find details here: Brady BMP71


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      Thanks for the response! I am not looking for an expensive labeler, just one from an office supply store (staples, office depot, etc). I am ok with "a little extra tape" on each label. However, with this particular labeler, the default tabs are 1" on either side of the text. It is possible to lower the tabs to 1/16", which is ideal, but it still prints an extra half inch of tape that then needs to be trimmed off manually (which is indicated by a colon). There is no way to change this setting, and trimming labels after they have been printing is going to make me not want to print labels. Any other suggestions for a label maker that uses minimal amounts of tape? Thanks Again!


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        The only other suggestion is to choose between form over function. I have an older model of the labeler you're using (I'm using the PT-1280) and have the exact same issue. The only choice I can see is if you don't use the auto format options for specific types of labels (e.g. ones that don't generated the colon to mark where to cut). I finally made up my mind that I'd rather have the folder label look right that save a 1/4" of tape.

        Hope that helps!