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Smartpad2 and InkLink

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  • Smartpad2 and InkLink

    Has anyone tried using the Seiko Smartpad2 or the Inklink system for making notes and having them record directly onto a PC or handheld. I am particularly interested in the ability to link up with my Pocket PC while at meetings or traveling?

    What's your impression? How did it work - as good as you hoped? And are there really advantages over processing paper at a later time, or scanning paper notes when you get back to the office.



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    I have used the SmartPad. I got it at a clearance price of about $35.00.
    While it was cheap, I still consider it pretty much a waste of money.
    It treats all entries as a graphic file, so you can't search for file contents. Also, it's big and bulky and it eats it's way through batteries rapidly so it's fairly expensive to maintain.
    A neat novelty for a week, now it's acquiring dust like my NordicTrak (that's another story...)At least my NordicTrak doubles as a great clotheshanger.


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      Thanks. Thats what I was wondering. I was tempted when I saw it (for the first time) last night. But it was $99. I almost got it on impulse but thought I'd wait and search the net for some reviews. They looked OK, but even a review isn't always real world use.

      I am coming down more and more to using paper for note taking and then either processing the important stuff and tossing the rest or scanning in what I need for reference, or filing it somewhere relevant. It might be an extra stage when I get back to the office in terms of scanning (if I think I want access to it outside the office) but for a lot of times I can't see me taking the time to set up the Smartpad anyway and it doesn't look like it easily sits on your lap if you're at a conference etc either.