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Minimizing Inboxes with Google Voice

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  • Minimizing Inboxes with Google Voice

    I am always trying to find a way to cut down on the number of inboxes in my life. My work issues me a Blackberry and I have a Droid for personal use. This lends itself to a number of annoyances, which the service Google Voice has helped me correct.

    First off, I got a new Google Voice number. I then took that number and "linked" it to my two existing cell phones. This allowed to configure Google Voice as the voicemail service for both cell phones. I now have ONE inbox to check for voicemail instead of two.

    I also give people my Google Voice number for texting. I installed the Google Voice app on both my phones and my texts go to both phones.

    And, there's a web interface for it all that you can sync to.

    Not a Google employee, just a happy customer.