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how can I put my/DA's palm memo categories into outlook?

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  • how can I put my/DA's palm memo categories into outlook?

    Another q:

    I have my palm (t2) set up as DA describes in tips & tools - and like it very much.

    Now I recently started using outlook 2002 (& add-in).
    Finally figured out how to sync the categories (on pocket mirror site, after getting free upgrade) BUT can't figure out how to get those palm MEMO categories (inspirations/maybe get/lists/focus areas, etc.) over into outlook - just the notes themselves show up, but without the categories...

    Know the answer?

    Danke schoen!


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    A couple of questions for you:

    Are you using PocketMirror?

    Do you have any memo categories already set up in your palm?

    Are the categories set up in Outlook as Notes categories, in the Master Category list, or both?


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      thanks for your reply.

      Yes, I use pocket mirror 3.1.6 (plus T2 & outlook 2002 plus gtd add-in on windows xp home).

      I set those categories up on the palm already, and nothing in Outlook.

      Like that, outlook didn't catch it.
      Your post gives me reason to believe it's possible, and that I need to set up notes categories in outlook?
      Will play with that!

      Do I have to set the categories up on both devices?
      Or just in Outlook...

      I'll find out.

      Thanks again. Man, newsgroups are helpful!!



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        Done... Thanks, Brian!!

        If someone knows the answer to my q (post below) about downloading the same group of yahoo emails for the SECOND time (first ones are deleted already) - outlook won't let me, b/c it thinks 'did those already' - I'd highly appreciate it!

        Good night,