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Handle list of next actions in a project using GTD outlook plugin

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  • Handle list of next actions in a project using GTD outlook plugin

    How can I handle a list of the couple of next actions on a project?
    I got my project and I know the next 5 steps. But of course I need to do them one by one...

    Should I solve this by putting the 4 last steps in a waiting-for list? and move them one by one when the next is solved? Or is there a easy way to "hide" them until the next action is complete?

    Now I only enter the next step and "forget" about the next after that on until the first is complete.. But Im afraid to forget about the upcoming actions if the next step is a complex and long one..

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    If you use Outlook you can put next steps (project support materials) into a Note field of the task.


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      The next action is the one you can do next, without having to do anything prior. Any others you put in your project support material. Actions that are after the next action don't go on your NA list because they might change. Eg if your NA is to 'discuss plan with boss', you might get a different NA than you had previously planned. This avoids cluttering up you list with actions that you can't act on and might become obsolete