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Help me find the right solution based around this SIMPLE organizational structure

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  • Help me find the right solution based around this SIMPLE organizational structure


    I've been a GTD'er for over a year now. I have found this forum tremendously helpful, so thank you for that, and thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

    I have had a fair degree of success implementing GTD within Outlook in the following way:

    1. Define Contexts as Categories
    2. Define Current Projects as Categories
    3. Define actions as Tasks and attach Categories a) contexts and b) projects (where a project exists)

    This has allowed a good degree of flexibility and functionality, and hasn't cost me any additional expenditure other than the time it took to figure it out. Implementation is quite simple. However, the big miss for me is how this system unfolds, or doesn't unfold.

    The ideal set up for me would allow me to begin by examining Projects on my horizon, then Contexts, then Actions. For one-offs when I need a small "victory" I would prefer to examine a category (perhaps "one-offs") that unfolds to Contexts. Outlook doesn't quite get me there.

    This does not have to be complex to work for me. Keeping Outlook would be ideal but I might consider another application if it can accomplish my "ideal" set up.

    Any ideas?

    Set up looks like...

    1. Projects (or One-Offs)
    2. Sub Projects
    3. Contexts
    4. Actions
    Allow unfolding at the Context level (e.g. without reference to Projects)

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    MLO Lite Might Do It!

    Maybe I answered my own question. MyLifeOrganzied light version seems like it just might do the trick. Simple, light, free, transportable on a disk. This could reduce the complexity (obscurity?) of GTD implementation in Outlook to zero, allowing Outlook to be about what it should be about-a calendar and email!

    The only major hurdle seems to be the requirement that you buy the pro version AND the pda sync app to make carrying MLO on your phone possible. You'd think they would make the PDA apps compatible with the light version and pick up the addition $15 in revenue from users like me, instead of forcing us to look elsewhere, or go papered with portable lists...