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Notetaker wallet for pounds and euros

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  • Notetaker wallet for pounds and euros

    I'm American but I live in Britain and I work occasionally in continental Europe. I've been eyeing the Notetaker wallet (all variations and incarnations) for years and the only thing that has kept me from purchasing one - or more! - of these is that I can't tell if they're deep enough to take pounds and euros.

    I like the women's trifold style the most, but I'd be happy to purchase any version that would take all three currencies. Judging from the measurements listed, I wouldn't expect it to be a problem, but I don't want to take a chance and pay for international shipping (plus customs fees) just to be disappointed when it arrives.

    I would also welcome suggestions for any good quality British alternatives that might be out there!

    Thanks for your help!

    ETA: The women's trifold notetaker measures 7.25 inches by 4 inches (outside) when closed. Scottish £20 banknotes are 80mm (3.14) inches in height, so they might fit but it looks pretty close judging from the pictures.
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    English £20 notes fit into the men's trifold notetaker easily.

    You might want to look into anything else you want from the store at the same time as carriage really is a killer.

    Any more news on getting distribution from UK or Europe?


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      Thanks for letting me know! I think the men's trifold will probably be my best bet if I don't hear from anyone with the women's version in the next week or so. I'm particularly liking the price on the ladies' version at the moment!

      I am definitely planning to bundle a large order all at once - or I might have it sent to my mother and have her bring it over with her in the spring when she visits. I'm an awful daughter!


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        That might be worth doing, because remember that you'll have to pay 20% VAT on top of the total bill.


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          I know - I used to buy things from the US all the time but I've stopped since the post office started charging their ridiculous £8 'processing fee' on top of the customs charges. I suppose the upside is that it makes me consider my international purchases more carefully, which is never a bad thing in this economic climate!


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            Hey folks, Clara from the Products Department here.

            Well I measured the Ballistics Trifold Wallet and the Leather Trifold Wallet. The pocket that opens at the top for cash measures the same for both: 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" or 165mm x 114.3mm. This size is large enough even for a €500 note or a £50 note.

            I also measured the Women's wallet, and here's where you might run into a bit of an issue. The pocket is certainly long enough but the width is only 3" (76.2mm). So €50 notes and up will stick out a little. Same goes for Brittish pound notes. £5 and £10 notes will fit but the £20 and £50 will stick out. The way the pocket is situated, I don't mean that the money would stick out of the wallet, but rather just into the inside of the wallet, and covering up the pen area a little.

            I hope this helps!!! You can always email if you need even more details.



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              That's brilliant! Thanks so much for all that help - it's exactly the information I was looking for. And it's pretty much as I suspected; it sounds like the women's trifold would be usable with £20 notes but they might get slightly folded over. Probably not a problem unless you're carrying quite a few £20 notes, which is sadly not a problem I have too often!

              I'll have a little think about it and decide what to do.

              Thanks again for your help!


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                Originally posted by steveinbristol View Post

                Any more news on getting distribution from UK or Europe?
                We are looking into European distribution channels to make some of our physical products more easily available to folks in Europe. There are lots of logistics to make that happen, but we are working on it. Thanks for the nudge!


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                  A word of advice

                  In the UK there are no £1 notes, we have £1 and £2 coins, which means we end up with a lot more metal than our American cousins. £2 coins are particularly heavy. Add to that the (annoying) fact that £5 notes seem rarer - or at least the coffee shops I go to never seem to have any...

                  Its not unusual to break into a £10 note and get, say, £8 back in a combination of coins. So having a wallet with nowhere to put coins is much more of a pain in the UK than in the USA. Ive spoken about this with American friends who say you rarely have more than a dollar or two in coins on you. (Yes, it was a fairly dull conversation, I forget how we got on the topic). Here I usually have £4 or £5 in coins.

                  The point is that carrying that many coins in a suit pocket in the UK looks daft. You jangle to hell and it takes the shape out of your pants. Having a coin bit in your wallet is a lot more useful over here. Losing one to gain a space to put notes isn't necessarily an improvement, its more like solving one problem and gaining another.

                  its possible not everyone has this problem - if you live off plastic for example or you keep your coins in your briefcase, as some people I know do. However its something to bear in mind for people in the UK thinking of buying one, or for DACo if they're looking to export them more frequently.