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GTD Outlook 2010 64-bit Plugin

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    Disappointing indeed

    Originally posted by manrenz View Post
    for all of you living in Outlook: Jello Dashboard maybe an alternative to netcentrics.

    It's opensource, it supports exchange, it's based on tasks and categories, therefore you can have all your tasks on your mobile device if it supports syncing to outlook tasks or exchange.
    [EDIT 1+2] And it needs NO administrative privileges for installation, you can just unzip it, since it's pure HTML and javascript.

    It's a bit rough around the edges in some cases...


    Will give jello-dashboard a try - hope it will help re-bounce - overcome the suffering of getting off my addiction to GTD ;(


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      Netcentrics Plug IN

      Hi Fellow GTD'ers,

      As a design engineer and early adopter by necessity of Windows 64 bit of professional necessity, you don't have to install the 64 bit versions of Microsoft Office and in fact there is no real benefit to doing so unless you are doing something ultra-sophisticated, or your IT department requires it. Microsoft hasn't gotten Internet Explorer 64 bit to work reliably in all circumstances yet.

      Run the 32 bit version of Microsoft Office until you have to change - that is what I do, and if Outlook is a bit slow - it is your hard disk drive, not the program that is the issue. I have an SATA 3 Solid State Disk Outlook and my 1.3 GB mail file load in about 3-4 seconds - or 60-90 seconds with a conventional hard disk. Word & Excel load almost instantaneously, a giant program like Solidworks or Photoshop CS5-64 where you really need 64 bit, loads in 5 seconds.

      Warmest, Doug


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        No support for 64Bit????

        I hear you Scott,

        Thats a killer. Just got shot down by the same problem.
        Even a proposed release date from Netcentrics would be good. I just upgraded our entire company to 64bit so a rollback is not really an option.

        Its quite frustrating to drop a product you like due to lack of support for the current OS.


        Originally posted by srowat View Post

        We recently upgraded to Outlook 2010 and to my disappointment the GTD Outlook Plugin does not work well with Outlook 2010 and does not work at all with Outlook 2010 64-bit version. I relied on this plugin as part of my GTD implementation at work and at home and not having a version that will work with Outlook 2010 64-bit version is having a huge impact on my productivity and organization. Furthermore, NetCentrics has informed me that they have no plans for a 64-bit versoin until they have enough demand for it and at this time they do not have enough demand. That is a huge disappointment as well not to mention the huge impact not having the plugin is having on my productivity. 64-bit is not new technology and all computers purchased in the past many years have been 64-bit and more importantly anyone who has purchased a new computer in the past year or so most likely has purchased it with a 64-bit operating system and are purchasing 64-bit versions of application software when avaialble.

        Anyway, I encourage anyone who either requires or will require in the not-too-distant future the GTD Outlook Plugin for Outlook 2010 64-bit version to contact NetCentrics to let them know so that they realize that there is demand for a 64-bit version and will hopefully provide one in a timely manner.



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          Missing Opportunities

          The lack of 64bits support is really a lack of vision on the Netcentrics part.
          I'm afraid that even the decision that they had, was based on wrong data... I'm not client of Netcentrics and I was not even able to register in the forum to express my vote for the 64bits plugin...
          Don't know how many clients they already lost by that single fact...

          Well, the missing opportunities for some will be used by others, I'm sure of it.

          Joao Freire


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            64 bit GTD plugin

            Hi ! I've been using the GTD plugin very happily for several years, and have just hit a wall when our company started migrating us off Win XP and onto Win 7 64 bit. I agree with several of the posters that 64 bit is now becoming the corporate norm and that this will trend will increase as Microsoft's threat to stop supporting XP will materialise this year. Would REALLY appreciate a 64-bit version of the plugin since the alternative for me is to find another (probably not-as-good) product. Thx.


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              This forum saved me a lot of aggrevation.

              I am new to GTD and was excited to purchase the Outlook Plugin. I'm amazed there is not a 64 bit version. Another lost order....time to move on.


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                Originally posted by lehuntjr View Post
                I am new to GTD and was excited to purchase the Outlook Plugin. I'm amazed there is not a 64 bit version. Another lost order....time to move on.
                Try the GTD & Outlook Setup Guide instead. It walks you through manually configuring Outlook, like the Netcentrics product would. It won't give you all of the features of course of that product, but it will get your Outlook system configured in the way we suggest: