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GTD Outlook 2010 64-bit Plugin

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  • GTD Outlook 2010 64-bit Plugin


    We recently upgraded to Outlook 2010 and to my disappointment the GTD Outlook Plugin does not work well with Outlook 2010 and does not work at all with Outlook 2010 64-bit version. I relied on this plugin as part of my GTD implementation at work and at home and not having a version that will work with Outlook 2010 64-bit version is having a huge impact on my productivity and organization. Furthermore, NetCentrics has informed me that they have no plans for a 64-bit versoin until they have enough demand for it and at this time they do not have enough demand. That is a huge disappointment as well not to mention the huge impact not having the plugin is having on my productivity. 64-bit is not new technology and all computers purchased in the past many years have been 64-bit and more importantly anyone who has purchased a new computer in the past year or so most likely has purchased it with a 64-bit operating system and are purchasing 64-bit versions of application software when avaialble.

    Anyway, I encourage anyone who either requires or will require in the not-too-distant future the GTD Outlook Plugin for Outlook 2010 64-bit version to contact NetCentrics to let them know so that they realize that there is demand for a 64-bit version and will hopefully provide one in a timely manner.


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    HI, I have recently begun to look at seriously implementing a GTD system into my life. I find the lack of 64-bit support in the NetCentrics GTD Outlook add-on to be quite astounding. I was very keen on purchasing a couple of licenses, but am now forced to look for alternate solutions.

    Surely the developer could take a more proactive approach in their product? Every person I know is running a 64-bit operating system. It seems to me that waiting for the demand to spike is sort of missing the boat in the product life cycle.

    Anyway, here's hoping that 64-bit support is announced in the next two weeks...before I am forced to wave goodbye to NetCentrics forever.


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      This is exactly why I'm wary of Plug-Ins: Lack of support.

      This is exactly my fear; getting hooked on a Plug-In and then not having support. If you are going to publish a piece of software that people are going to rely on for critical functions, you have to keep it up to date.

      I am appalled that DavidCo would align themselves with a company that will not update their software to work with technology that is common place at this point. This is not minor, this is major.

      I am NOT going to take the responsibility to have to bug Netcentrics to update their software. If they cannot do that themselves, then they will wither and die on the vine. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but when we extend ourselves to rely on and trust a company to do the right thing and they don't, then they do so at their own peril.

      If I could control my environment that is one thing, but in a corporate setting most times you cannot.

      I will check out MYN/ClearContext rather than spend any time with the Netcentrics product.

      Thank you for the update.



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        Support please update

        Hi support, please can you updae us on the request?



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          Hi Folks,

          I've asked the Netcentrics team to step in here to reply to your questions and comments.



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            GTD Outlook Add-in 64 bit plans

            Thank you for your interest in the GTD Outlook Add-in.

            There have been several questions raised on this forum about our development plans in light of Outlook 2010, especially the 64 bit edition.

            Traditionally, we've created new upgrades when the demand was sufficient to justify a development, and this case is no exception. The existing version works for Outlook 2010 using 32 bit architecture, but is not functional and not recommended under a 64 bit architecture. The 64 bit architecture requires a 64 bit Add-in, which will require a redevelopment of the existing Add-in.

            We carefully followed Microsoft's messages about the 64 bit solution and have watched the adoption of the 64 bit technology. We are currently in planning stages for a new version, which may include a requirement to address 64 bit architecture. That determination will be made by the end of the third quarter 2011. We'll announce our plans for 64 bit architecture at that time, as well as further development plans.

            You can help us understand the size of the market for 64 bit architecture by opening a discussion thread on our forum which helps us judge the number of people moving to the 64 bit architecture and the timing of those migrations. Please also remember to connect with us on our support site with any questions or if we can be of service to you.

            Thanks for your interest.

            The GTD Outlook Add-in development and support team


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              Any update on this?

              Has there been any update from the developers on this? I have been a huge GTD fan for a few years now, and am worried about the future of the GTD Outlook plug-in product. 64-bit operating systems and applications will soon be the norm. I would hate to have to go shopping for a new tool, just because the old one isn't supported on newer platforms.


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                We'll let the NetCentrics support team know you are looking for an update!


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                  count me in!

                  Look -- I am married to the Netcentrics add in

                  just today I had a meeting with an outside IT guy to help me re-do my technology -- from computers to cell phones etc. The number 1 thing I want to maintain from my current system is the outlook/netcentrics combo.

                  64 bit is necessary! and will it work over the microsoft exchange?

                  I bought the netcentics software because of davidco's imprimatur -- the support, the chatty videos etc -- I hope they do the right thing and ensure the update the product


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                    Yes, Please! 64-bit!

                    I've been using the plug-in for over 4 years. My employer just issued me a new PC that meets current best practices. That means 64-bit. I'm not sure what I'll do to work without it until NetCentric decides to support its customers...maybe you should change your company name to CustomerCentric? (<:




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                      Results of GTD Outlook Add-In Request Feature Survey

                      Hello Everyone,

                      Thanks to the many people in the GTD Outlook Add-In user community who responded to our GTD Outlook Add-In most requested features survey. After reviewing the results of the survey, itís clear there are several potential development paths. The feature that ranked highest was a request to develop a simplified GTD Add-In like application for handheld devices. We are pursuing discussions with the David Allen Company to discuss our existing agreement and to understand their directions on software development to determine if this is realistic.

                      The lowest ranked feature, by far, was for a 64 bit application. Survey respondents ranked features such as creating task dependencies, improving project details, adding new related task functionality, and other features much higher. While we have had some interest in a 64 bit application, the number of people requesting this feature was very small in proportion to the rest of the user base. Developing a 64 bit Add-In requires a substantial effort, which has very high costs for what is still a fairly small market. We donít take the request lightly; however, given limited resources, we will postpone development of a 64 bit application until such time as we believe the market is large enough to validate the needs of the entire GTD Add-In customer base.

                      We will announce our development path for the GTD Outlook Add-In by mid-December.


                      GTDOA Support Team


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                        Leaving GTD

                        I've used GTD software with Outlook for the past several years. I've had many issues with Office 2010 when I ran it as a 32 bit program on my 64 bit machine. When I installed the 64 bit version of Office, it resolved all those issues--but now, of course, I can't run GTD. What a shame--it will take me quite a while to convert over to another system. But I've no other choice. Once I convert to another system, there will be no way I will ever return to GTD, because I simply can't trust that the software support will be there. What a shame. Bye bye, GTD.

                        PS--you won't get requests to upgrade to a 64 bit version of GTD software from your users, because those who need it simply don't use GTD software anymore. You're drawing erroneous conclusions from a biased sample.


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                          Bad News...Netcentrics drops plans for 64-bit version of GTD Plugin

                          Originally posted by tsturgeon1 View Post
                          Has there been any update from the developers on this? I have been a huge GTD fan for a few years now, and am worried about the future of the GTD Outlook plug-in product. 64-bit operating systems and applications will soon be the norm. I would hate to have to go shopping for a new tool, just because the old one isn't supported on newer platforms.
                          Netcentrics announced right before Christmas that based on their market survey, there weren't enough users of 64-bit Outlook to make it viable for them to develop 64-bit Outlook.

                          My company just went to 64-bit Outlook this week, and 32-bit GTD won't work. I've been with Netcentrics since around 2.0, I'm going to miss them.

                          I'm a bit surprised at the amount of complaining they've done about the effort required to develop a 64-bit product, other companies seem to have no problems doing so. Time will tell if Netcentrics made the right decision, I guess.

                          64-bit Outlook is incredible, btw.


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                            Another GTD software user lost to 64 Bit

                            I just replace my system at the office and did not realized I could not use GTD with 64 bit Outlook. I notified NetCentric that I am interested in a 64 Bit option. Does anyone know an alternative? It's been only 1 day and I already miss it!


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                              Open Source alternative for Outlook

                              for all of you living in Outlook: Jello Dashboard maybe an alternative to netcentrics.

                              It's opensource, it supports exchange, it's based on tasks and categories, therefore you can have all your tasks on your mobile device if it supports syncing to outlook tasks or exchange.
                              [EDIT 1+2] And it needs NO administrative privileges for installation, you can just unzip it, since it's pure HTML and javascript.

                              It's a bit rough around the edges in some cases...