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FAST Label Printing Software like in DA office video

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  • FAST Label Printing Software like in DA office video


    A while ago, I have seen a David Allen office tour video, where he used some quick access software to print label on his Brother Labeler.

    Does anyone know what program did he use?
    Currently I can not remember where I saw that video either...

    Thank You Guys, kind regards,

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    DA uses a Brother P-Touch labeler. It comes with P-Touch software which can be run in 'Snap mode' - this reduces the user interface to a tiny little 'always on top' ribbon where you can type your label and hit the print button to crank out a new label (don´t know whether this is what he did in the video or not, but I suspect it is).


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      David uses a Brother PT-18R.


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        FWIW, I use Avery 5202 file folder labels and my laser-jet printer. I have a template doc for printing, and a really easy to find shortcut on my windows desktop for it. When I need a label, I open the shortcut, type in the label or labels, feed the Avery 5202 in my printer's manual feed tray, and print. It takes only a few seconds, and the labels are pretty inexpensive (about US 0.02 each). Also, since I can see on my screen what the label will look like when it prints, I can squeeze words, abbreviate, change fonts, etc.

        I've been doing it this way for > 5 years, so it has stood the test of time for me.