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Analog suggestions - Black 'n Red etc.

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  • Analog suggestions - Black 'n Red etc.

    Having been stuck in the analog world for awhile, partly by choice, partly due to the implosion of my trusty Palm IIIx, I would like to offer some thoughts on pen/paper solutions:

    I have reverted to my favorite analog notetaking tool, the A4 hardcover notebook. This is in the European A4 format, and is sold in the US at such places as Office Depot. It's a great book - great value and solidly made. Somehow it just works for me. Despite attempts at other systems, I find I am better off with a consecutive record of notes, and then to transfer the important info to a more highly categorized system. The hardback / bound nature of the notebook makes it very easy to write when on the run.

    I have not found the A5 version of this in the US - a previous poster mentioned this - does anyone know where to find it - I found the spiral version only.

    Another favorite of mine: The Rite in the Rain all-weather notebook I use the smallest version, and slice it in two - the half-notebook fits in my back pocket and takes amazing punishment without falling apart.

    Finally - the Moleskine 'classic' notebook is just phenomenal. It is effectively a mini version of the Black 'n Red - great form factor, famous history, etc. It also has a great pocket in the back for collecting receipts and business cards. Highly recommended, available in the US and internationally, made in Italy I think.