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  • Sort Tasks related to your manager

    I have a weekly review with my manager and I want to keep all the tasks related to her in one location. Currently, I've found that I either create an Action (@Manager) or create a separate project (Manager) and sort by these views/reports. Any other good options/ideas?

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    be guided by your purposes and shared expectations

    Not sure I get your question but I get the feeling that you are trying to define what your purpose is in regard to the weekly meeting. I am thinking that if you are trying to work toward something specific with your manager you should turn this into a project . At the same time you may just be needing to process things with her just to function on the job. You do need to group your tasks or actions with her in a way where you can find them when you need to--that will depend on your system. I might also suggest that you review this list by yourself and in a reflective manner the day before you meet. I would caution you not to be too efficient and business like since it can overwhelm people and it is wise to keep checking with her to make sure your expectations are shared. Sometimes a positive relationship is valued over taskiness; maybe you are sensing something and as a result you are struggling to define what you need to do and how to do it.


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      Originally posted by kgb View Post
      I have a weekly review with my manager and I want to keep all the tasks related to her in one location.
      Sounds to me like Manager is a context that you have all those items in.

      I use a separate context for agendas of things I need to discuss with certain people. SOme only get used once or twice a year so it's really helpful to save all the things I need to talk to that person with until then.

      One example is our sheep shearer. We only see him once a year but I have a bunch of things to go over this year that I've been saving since last shearing.


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        Thanks for the input

        Oogiem - Thanks for the suggestion you're on.