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What Works is What You're Used To

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  • What Works is What You're Used To

    Sometimes these topics on tools vs methods overlap, but I think this is a relevant point and it means a lot to me. Where we come from and when we got in the game of "time/self management" is crucial to the GTD method.

    I fancy myself a pragmatic person, which means I am all about what works. That is what got me started being a serious time management student. It is interesting to note how many of us like and use different apps and tools, and what that could mean.

    If you come from a background before the mid-90's, it is highly likely that your world is paper. Since that time, we have all had to adapt to one extent or another to the information age, email, Outlook and online calanders, webinars, chat..... It's a lot of stuff.

    If you came of age during the information age, then (please excuse the generalizations) your world may be less reliant on paper.

    I find it fascinating how two people can disagree on an app designed for productivity. ("I LOVE Appigo Todo". "I don't know how anyone can use Appgio Todo") I bet that is precisely because of what works for you. To me, that is what the GTD methodology is all about.

    Having recently experienced my own GTD epiphany, I think it is important to realize that many of the suggestions and reviews, while helpful, are only useful to the extent we know and understand how WE work best.

    I have promised myself from now on not to rate my effectiveness or tools through a social lens. If I had my way, I would have a Franklin planner, a BB, iPhone, Omnifocus, and then make sure my life resembled confetti.

    All the tools and apps are cool. But what speaks to me so much about GTD is the fact that it is about what works, getting things done.

    Looking cool, having cool tools and cool apps is no substitute for what works.

    There is no app that will do the trick if you don't know or understand what works for you. Ultimately, you must know and understand how your own brain is wired. THEN you can get the tools to use.

    I think a discussion of tools is a secondary discussion to the more important one you must have with yourself: What works best for you? How best do you get things done? The GTD method is a method about work flow. Like water, it can be transported in different lines and and really cool looking water bottles, but at the end of the day, it is still water. It's not about the water bottle, it's about the water.

    Work is work, and getting your work done hasn't changed, even if the water bottles (apps and organizers) have gotten cooler, and maybe better. It's still all about the work and getting it done right.

    Many thanks for the GTD method and those willing to share what they learn!

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    defenitly it is not a tool game. It is getting things done. I would add IMPORTANT things done.