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Filing Cabinet Tips

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  • Filing Cabinet Tips

    I am just making some improvements to my filing cabinet which had become too full and thus was tricky to put things inside.

    I remembered David allen talking about slidable metal things that can be adjusted to make the folders sit up without using pendaflex folders. That's a great tip but I have instead put a ring binder at the rear of each draw to tilt the folders back. Then I use old magazines to fill any loose space. I guess the trouble is you have to keep a stack of old magazines at hand... maybe I will look into getting some sliders

    Another thing I think David said your filing cabinet should never be more than 75% full.

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    yeah david allen talks about ones with sliding backs. I have NEVER seen one of these. Maybe you can only get them in the US.

    Personally i like drop down hangers. I just put a couple of manilla folders per drop down, maybe one if its full, and there you go. if your filing cabinet isnt too full then it no problem. If it is they become a pain, but then so does the whole thing.


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      Bisley state on their site that "compressor plates" are compatible with their filing cabinets.

      However they cost £30 each. eg

      I find that a few glossy magazines at the front of a draw and also makes it possible to read the folders right at the front .

      Next I use a small (8cms) cardboard box to put right at the back, since the last few inches of the draw is difficult to access otherwise.

      Then an empty ring binder (spine facing down) in front of the cardboard box is good for angling the folders for easy reading if the draw is low down.