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Is David Allen "doing" GTD on his new MacBook Pro?

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  • Is David Allen "doing" GTD on his new MacBook Pro?

    On a Jan 3 2011 podcast interview by Mike Vardy of WorkAwesome, David said that he was getting a new MacBook Pro and planning to retrain himself to implement GTD on the Mac.

    Anyway, I'd love to know what David's doing now. Is he using OmniFocus, an iPad, an iPhone? How does he feel about entering data? How was his transition? Must he use a cloud-based system, or can he stay on terra firma (my preference)? How is the syncing process? And does he prefer the new system to the old and why?

    (Forgive me if I missed this discussion on another thread, and please direct me to it.)

    The Kid

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    Yup. He's fully Mac now.

    He did not change his GTD setup. That is still in Lotus Notes and eProductivity.

    He syncs to a BlackBerry.

    He uses an iPad, but not for GTD system stuff.

    He's talked about it quite a bit, including specific apps he's using and his transition experience in his Up Close podcasts on GTD Connect: (you'll need at least guest pass access to listen to those)


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      David's Mac

      What happened to David's IBM Lenovo that I believe that he recently purchased. Is he not using it anymore?

      Dave Littlehales


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        Hi Dave,

        Not sure. He might still have it as a backup, or it went to another staff person since it's our standard issue laptop.



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          There is a good Citrix client for Mac OS X that provides excellent access to Windows based desktops remotely, for companies that use Windows-based Citrix servers.