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    New Product

    AVERY File Folder Labels Number 5202 Laser or Inkjet
    252 label - 7 per sheet - fits in Laser Jet feed tray.

    I've had to much trouble with Brother Labelers. Either the software versions have conflicts & the stand alone doesn't fit my cramped workspace.

    I've used the big sheets of printer labels but they get 'dirty' when printing a few over & over again on the same sheet.


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    Are the 5202 labels rated for the high heat of a laser printer? The reason I ask is that I tried some "typewriter" labels once and the glue melted inside my printer. Quite a mess. For now I am putting up with the "dirtiness" of full sheet labels run through over and over. When the sheet gets too dirty, I toss it, even if there are labels left. The cost is not too high, even with the waste.



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      If I understand you right, they get dirty because of this:

      Run through printer first time: print on first label only
      Run through printer second time: print on space where first label used to be, and print on second label
      Run through printer third time: print on spaces where first and second lables used to be, and then print on third label?

      If so, I had the same problem.

      Here's how I solved it: just delete the typing after you've printed, and type "next" or something to save your space.

      That way, the only thing the printer prints is what you needed for that specific job.



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        Labels - Other Options

        I found that when setting up my template in Word I selected New Document after setting up my label I now have a sheet with grid lines and I type only in the next avaliable space so if I have used labels 1 and 2 I delete the text in those spots and start in label 3.


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          The dirtiness I get is not due to printing on empty label spaces. The dirt appears as an overall mist on the page. My theory is that it is on every first page printed after the printer has been idle, but since most pages get printed only once the dirt is "invisible." Each pass of my label page is typically a first pass after the printer has been idle. After each pass through the printer, the page gets grayer and grayer. In worst cases, the labels appear to be black on gray instead of black on white.

          The only thing I found that helps is to run a regular piece of paper through the printer before sending the label stock. The regular paper gets most of the dirt. I don't do this often myself because it is an extra step. I just live with the situation that I must throw away a page if it getst too gray.



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            Clean Your Printer!

            Your printer manufacturer or an office supply store will sell "cleaning sheets" that you can run through your laser printer. The "grey mist" is residual toner floating around the innards of your printer. If it is a habitual problem, you may neef to have your printer serviced. Also check your owner's manual for cleaning options. Some printers have a cleaning web that needs periodic replacing.

            One othe rnote. You really should check into this as it can eventually shorten the life of your fuser (the really hot peice that bakes the toner to the page). I used to manage a Kinko's and we had a regular maintenance schedule for laser printers because if we didn't we were buying one a year.

            You could also check the manufacturer's web site.