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    Around 6 weeks ago I switched from using the iphone 3g to an android nexus one. Overall it has been a great move for me, particularly because it helps me to follow Gtd principles with greater ease.

    First of all, as a gmail user, the android allows me to archive messages that aren't actionable. On the iphone there's the trash button but no archive so it wasn't any use to me for emptying my inbox. Gmail on the android is snappy and can compose messages of when offline, unlike the gmail iphone webapp.

    The next killer feature is the "note to self" voice action. It is the quickest capture device i've ever used especially when a hotkey is assigned such as a long press on the search button.

    Calendar snooze application is another really great feature and I often use it as a tickler file.
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    I also switched recently to Android (from Nokia) and enjoy better Gmail integration.

    Pocket Informant does such a good job displaying/filtering next actions in contexts that I migrated work actions to my personal phone (+ Toodledo for easy entry and review at desk) rather than Notes/Blackberry. It feels more complete to have all next actions in one trusted system rather than two.

    There have been a few discussions of Android apps on the forums - worth a look when you feel like tweaking your system.


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      Just installed pocket informant and it seems very interesting. I would love it if I could import my omnifocus data into it so I could try it out properly. I am a long time omnifocus user and have vast amounts of projects in it.

      Currently I work primarily from omnifocus on macs. When I really need to access a list away from my desk, I rely on spootnik webapp which costs $3 pm


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        Android (from Nokia)?

        Originally posted by PaulK View Post
        I also switched recently to Android (from Nokia) and enjoy better Gmail integration.
        Android (from Nokia)

        What is the model number

        I thought it was not possible because of the recent Nokia-Microsoft alliance


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          Sorry, I meant switched to new phone Motorola Defy (Android 2.1) from old phone Nokia N97 mini.

          Didn't think the phone model was relevant but for interest, key features were water resistance and robust so I can have it with me for capture & contexts, even when I am cycling including my daily commute (24 miles) in rainy London.


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            Did you try Gina Trapani's Todo.txt Touch for Android?

            Sorry. I haven't read your message carefully. I am testing Samsung Galaxy Tab. Did you try Gina Trapani's Todo.txt Touch for Android?


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              No - I didn't try Todo.txt - looks interesting, but restrictions on my work laptop mean I can't install dropbox.

              I'm happy with Toodledo + Pocket Informant for the moment - time to stop tweaking the system and get on with doing.

              Weekend was full of context-based doing from my phone which was very helpful.


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                Pocket Informant, Ultimate To Do & Android

                Originally posted by PaulK View Post
                I'm happy with Toodledo + Pocket Informant for the moment - time to stop tweaking
                PaulK could you please expand a little more about pocket informant? I doesn't know its characteristics. Which are the pro's? Is there any important limit?

                Where do you come from? Other apps?

                About me. I'm using actually Ultimate To Do. I arrive from Got To Do. I found more options with UTL than before. Then I can personalize more my system.

                I switched to UTL as the developer announced to end his project. I tried also Due Today but I found it more limited than the other apps we mentioned.


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                  First, I should confirm that I am not affiliated to (makers of Pocket Informant), just a happy customer. You can see screenshots at:
                  I have only started using it recently, so haven't identified major limitations.

                  Previously I used Notes/Blackberry, Outlook/Nokia tasks and paper systems. I have been using Toodledo for about a year, but only recently moved to Android, so this is my first 'GTD' app.

                  Main strengths are
                  - offline access
                  - task view/filter by context
                  - Sync with Toodledo for easy creation/edit of actions at computer
                  - Integrated with Android calendar(s)
                  - Restrict 'task' view to fields that I use (subject, context, notes, sometimes start/end date)

                  I haven't yet worked out how to link next actions to a project in a way that can be displayed in Toodledo, but not a major issue for me.

                  Also there is an 'Action' field that can be set to 'Delegated', 'Waiting', 'Hold', 'Someday', 'Reference' etc that can be linked to 'status' in Toodledo that I haven't used yet.
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                    Galaxy Tab

                    (Just have to chime in on this...)
                    I recently got the Samsung Talaxy Tab (and XCover 271) ie. returned to "my roots" from late 90's when I was using Palm m100 + Nokia dumphone. Never in my GTD-tool -journey have i felt so much at home as with these devices. In the Palm Desktop -vein, I sought the best *free* applications first for this combo and have not needed to search for paid apps since (albeit i have donated to developers for supports sake). Allthough Google tasks is somewhat cumbersome on PC browser, the GTasks which i use on Tab makes it the best list manager i have yet used. The tabs own calendar is perfect as is the email app. The only fully paid app i use is Evernote and its android version on Tab is just amazing. This is a combo that i can really recommend. Having bought some nice leather covers for the Tab it brings back the visual joy i had from my Time/Design paper planner (/w leather covers) back in 90's. And i really enjoy having a "just" phone (and a very durable one) again.



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                      I just watched Merlin Mann's awesome inbox zero video

                      As a result I have started to use my android less and less for processing email because I found that to process my email properly I really need to be using a laptop or desktop computer. Because I am using omnifocus, I kept finding that I had to skip over certain emails until I was at my computer. Now, I just use android's gmail to scan occasionally for important messages.