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How is the GTD starter kit and/or Outlook Add-in?

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  • How is the GTD starter kit and/or Outlook Add-in?

    I have almost finished the book, but I feel I might need a little more help. The starter kit is reasonably priced at $80 so I was wondering if anyone had found it useful. I use Outlook all day at work so the Add-in makes sense, but at another $80 it seems pricey.

    Let me know if either of these products has helped you.

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    Hello there

    We often recommend people only go for the Netcentrics GTD Outlook Add-In when you have a solid understanding of GTD under your belt. Don't get it to learn GTD. The Starter Kit would do that.

    Personally I would recommend the GTD Starter Kit, which comes with 30 days of access to GTD Connect. Then grab the GTD & Outlook Setup Guide for free from GTD Connect during those 30 days.



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      Would echo Kelly's recommendation

      When I first started using GTD I got the Outlook Add-in but found that it hindered more than helped. So I stopped using it.
      But I loved the GTD starter guides and it's great to have them in the car/mp3 player as refreshers and re-juvenators..


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        I ordered the starter kit and it is waiting for me at home right now. I'll hold off on the Outlook add-in until I get the hang of this.


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          Outlook Add-In

          I have been using the Outlook add-in for a few years now and find it to be very helpful. I do have to agree with the earlier sentiment about learning GTD first though.

          The Setting up for success webinars that Kelly did with the gentleman from Netcentrics are fantastic. Watching each of them really made me realize that I was not tapping the full potential of the software.

          If you spend most of your day working in Outlook as I do, and have a good grasp of GTD the add-in can be a great addition to your toolbox.