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Cadenza mNotes by Commontime

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  • Cadenza mNotes by Commontime

    After using EasySYnc Pro to link Lotus Notes to my Palm m500
    I decided to trial this piece of software from Commontime

    First impressions are that it is about the best Notes sync solution I have found.

    One big problem is that most other sync solution simply dont handle separate mail folders. This programme handles them beautfiully. You can decide which folders and sub folders to sync and you can set different sync requirements for each folder and subfolder !

    You can download Notes Freetime data for 4 of your most important contacts and you can respond to and organize meetings based on their freetime using your Palm away from the office.

    The software is relatively easy to set up if youre patient and read the documentation first. (I'm impatient and didn't read, hence the warning)
    Documentation is good with separate Instillation and user guides available from the website as pdf's

    One really outstanding feature of this product is the support it is excellent and I only have the 30 day evaulation version !

    I'll update this little blog as the evaluation progresses.

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    Do keep us posted on your Cadenza experiences


    I would like to hear about your experiences as you continue to work with this product. Presently, I use Pylon iAnywhere and the related suite of tools to allow me to keep my PDAs in sync with my notes desktop -- both locally and wirelessly.

    Eric Mack


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      I really like this product !!!

      The level of control you have over what syncs and what doesnt to and from email folders is brilliant

      I have also found more use for the meeting function than I thought I would and actually having freetime search on your PDA is great. Even though its limited to 4 contacts it still helps a great deal, I think the 80/20 rule applies here.

      I cant speak highly enough of their response time and the thoroughness of their replies to e-mail support questions. Palm could take some lessons from this company !

      G'Day Eric

      We've spoken about iAnywhere / Pylon Pro but our business isnt wireless as yet and there are no immediate plans to go that way, unfortunately.


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        It's on my "on-line" list to revisit

        Thanks for the update. For the "Guest" poster (down under?), who commented on Pylon iAnywhere, there is a desktop product, called "Pylon Pro" that uses standard hotsync and does not require wireless.


        Eric Mack


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          If you are use Lotus Notes and want to sync your mail, Tasks Calendar etc to a Palm or PPC, Commontime MNotes is the only way to go. It will copy your mail folder list down to the handheld so you can file mail from your inbox to whatever folder you want, and then that will be synced back to the desktop and voila, the note is moved to the folder. As you mentioned, its also very configurable. Only drawback I have found is that it will not sync your Journal categories to the handheld. This was not an issue for me as I do not use the Journal in Notes all that much. This software just works, and should you need them, the Commontime folks are very helpful and responsive.




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            Thanks Phil
            I can get the journal entries to sync but you're right about the categories.
            I'll log it as a bug and hopefully commontime will include it in an update.

            I'm going to have a look at Pylon Pro and see how is stacks up against mNotes.



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              I have a couple of workarounds for the syncing between Lotus Journal and Palm Memo Pad via m Notes.

              Option #1 - Create a category on your PDA in Memo Pad and make a test entry in that category. Perform a HotSync and the entry and its category will sync to the Journal in Lotus Notes.

              Option #2 Create a category in your Notes Journal and make and entry then create exactly the same category on your Palm the Journal entry will sync to the correct category in Memo Pad on your Palm.

              But for some reason categories created in the Lotus Journal alone willn ot sync...

              So to fix your problem I'd just create the categories you need on your Palm and your existing Journal entries should sync nicely.