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GTD Coordinator questions

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  • GTD Coordinator questions

    I had a couple questions about the GTD Coordinator for those that have them:

    1) I noticed that the calendar has weekly pages, but are there monthly overview pages as well for longer range planning?

    2) Does the coordinator "lay flat" when left open on your desk? I would prefer that it would flatten out nicely when at my desk.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Erik,

    The calendar was designed with only a weekly calendar. There are only "at-a-glance" monthly calendars at the top of each page. Here is a link to the pic of the calendar on our website:

    The Coordinators do lie flat. But I will say that they're a little stiff at first. Also, the letter size lies flat more easily than the junior size.

    There's only 12 of the letter size left in stock!

    Hope this helps!

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      I bought my GTD Coordinator at Staples. The only refill they have does not include the calendar. Is the calendar available separately? I really don't want to have to buy a new binder every year just to get the calendar.



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        Comments on the GTD Coordinator

        I bought the Coordinator (jr. size) and have the following comments on it:

        --If you're new to GTD, this is a great way to learn it. The Coordinator is already set up with the right sections, and each section contains pre-printed guidelines for that section (e.g., Contexts), which is extremely helpful as instructions/reminders.

        --Even if you prefer going electronic with GTD, experts have told me that paper is a good way to learn the GTD flow.

        --The construction quality of the binder seems to be good.

        --If you prefer another paper/binder format, like Filofax, you probably could replicate the Coordinator. Supposedly At-A-Glance(?) inserts will also fit in the Coordinator (I haven't looked into that yet).

        --The junior size might be too small for those who like more space for writing, so look at the letter-size version as well. Of course, it's a bigger book to carry around.

        --One drawback with paper is that you have to carry it around, so if you don't carry a purse or briefcase, then maybe you want to replicate the Coordinator in a zipped binder, so that nothing falls out. (I haven't looked into that either, but Filofax and other companies sell zipped binders.)

        --The one major drawback to the Coordinator (other than having to carry it around and having no backup), in my opinion, is that the grayish text and grayish color of the paper make it much harder to read than black text on white paper. In my case, I will definitely look for a black-and-white calendar insert for the Coordinator to replace the calendar section that comes with it (the other sections don't bother me as much, as there is less text on them, other than, of course, my black-ink pen). I also prefer a different layout for the default calendar, so I will explore that as well. I have an old zipped Filofax binder, so I might eventually replicate the Coordinator in that format (although Filofax inserts are not cheap!).

        All in all, though, I think the GTD Coordinator can be a very good purchase for anyone new to GTD who needs to learn the GTD flow or anyone who is a paper-based GTD'er and looking for ready-made sections with guidance.



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          Thanks for the comments

          @Clara, thanks for your response.

          @Andy, 5-year GTDer. As my circumstances have changed I have moved from paper to Palm to Outlook. I am currently working out of a letter-size, tabbed, 3-ring binder. For me, electronic is advantageous for mobility, but I find I get numb to electronic lists much faster than paper lists. Something about the tactile nature of paper perhaps. But ask me tomorrow and I may change my mind! .


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            For crftyldy - We do sell the calendar separately. Here is the link to them on our website: - Staples carries them too so they must have sold out.

            For AndrewGM1 - Thank you for all the detail! Nice review! Depending on the size and style of Filofax binder you choose, our refills (or at-a-glance's refills) may or may not fit.

            If anyone needs more precise measurements of the hole spacing of the refills or the GTD Coordinators than what you find on our website, please feel free to email us:


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              Clara, Thanks for the link. I have the 2011 calendar so I'll look here for the 2012 calendar later in the year.