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    In the book "Getting Things Done", my understanding of what David says is that he doesn't really like the Lever Arch filing system and prefers simply using manilla style folders on their own with file dividers. i don't properly understand how this system works practically. I agree that the hanging Lever Arch file carriers can be a nuisance but this is my only experience with filing stuff in a cabinet (maybe I'm a bit sheltered). I am starting to establish a new work office and I’d love to see better ideas for filing cabinet use. Photos, internet links or product names would be good to see. If you don't use the Lever Arch file holders and the plastic label tabs on top, how are labels clearly visible?

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    I have the same question


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      Some drawers just won't work without the hanging file hardware. If that's your case, then use hanging files. David then just suggests one manilla inside a hanging file so those manilla folders don't start prairie dogging out of the drawer.

      Here's an article with a picture of no hanging folders in a drawer that allows that:

      (Big Country, I don't see that you are a Connect member, but that article is also available for free in our Store:

      Hope this helps,


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        I have been using the one manila folder per hanging file system (as David suggests) with modest success. However, as you know, this considerably multiplies the weight per drawer. Another drawback is that the hanging folders are deeper than the manila folders. To remedy this, I close up the bottom half inch or so of each hanging folder with a couple of staples; in this way the manila folder labels remain visible. (I looked in my local Office Depot for file cabinets with the metal plate that David recommends, and did not find them. Can you recommend a vendor I can purchase such file cabinets from online? Or can you recommend a crafty DIY project I can undertake to add such a plate to a standard plastic file box? )

        Richard Crease