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Vonage and the Outlook GTD

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  • Vonage and the Outlook GTD


    I'm brand new to the whole GTD methodology, and have been easing myself into it. After reading the book, I came across an idea that seems to be working so far. It has to do with voicemails, which David Allen seems to dislike as a medium of storage. I agree for the most part, but still think my idea is pretty good.

    I installed the Outlook GTD add-in on my Outlook 2003 application and built the additional folders I needed. I've been using Vonage [] as my primary phone system and having vonage forward voicemails as attachments to my email. Often I only have time to synchronize Outlook before hopping on a plane, so its useful to me to have the VMs in my Inbox. With the GTD add-in, I can now effectively assign Actions, tasks, projects, etc. to a given incoming VM. This is great!

    Just thought others may be interested in that idea......