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  • My System - Please Review

    Extremely long Post - James GTD System
    I think I have reach a solution for my GTD needs, but would like
    others to view in order to help
    with any ideas on how to streamline or enhance this process. Also if
    anyone out there wants to adopt anypart of my process
    feel free to do so as I have adopted many of the posts in order to
    reach the system as you see it now.

    If any clarification is desired I will try to explain in more detail
    if the need arise.
    I had several requirements in Developing my flavor of GTD
    Sync to Outlook at home and at Work
    Could not install additional software at work this includes
    Outlook Addins
    I can program Macros or VBA to accompolish actions in Outlook
    Need to be able to use Palm for Reference or Weekly review as
    well as use Outlook for same easily
    System has to be easy to use or I won't use it
    Ability to trace history of a project(Outlook primarily, Palm
    if need be.)

    Current Software:
    Outlook 2000
    UltraEdit 32
    Datebk 5
    Memo App
    Voice Memo
    Documents to Go (for Reference Material Needed)

    # GTD SYSTEM - James Hundley
    A Physical Inbox at Work and at home
    My Wife regulary places things in the one at home
    Memo Category -*IN! Use this by creating a new memo in this categroy
    and use
    Teikei Template and fill out what is needed either idea, project, etc
    Voice Memo - Category !1IN - In box for those ideas I have when I can
    not or do not want to write
    especially during commute to and from work or the ocassional waking
    up in the middle of the night with
    a great? idea
    My reviews are scheduled Sunday/Monday, Wednesday and Friday with
    the Mian Weekly Review being Sunday/Monday

    Daily Journal-Journaling
    ****How To:****
    Using DateBook 5 create Daily Journal at Beginning of each Day-MARK
    Other at work have no need to view my Journal when looking at my
    At End of Month Using Outlook Make Sure ALL Daily Journals have
    @Journal as Category
    Copy Daily Journal Entries to Another/Archive Outlook Folder
    Then you can purge old appointments by category EXCEPT @Journal DO
    NOT PURGE @Journal

    Single Actions (not Projects) from Inbox(es)
    Actions Tasks in Format: Action Description -MMDDYY
    place in context
    MMDDYY is used show how long the action has been Scheduled
    Task for a project and Next Action :
    ****How to:****
    Project Created intially in Task(Outlook)
    Category is either !Proj-Work or !Proj-Pers
    If this will not be started for more than 3 months then place as memo
    in *zSDMB-work or *zSDMB-pers instead
    Format: (Project Code) Brief Project Description with * in front for
    Work Projects
    * keep work projects group together at Top of list easily in saved
    view that show all Projects
    Project planning is in the notes section of the Task Listing Possible
    Next Actions

    -------Notes Section Format:--------
    *Start/Inception* MM/DD/YYYY
    Next Action(s) are Cut from Action and Pasted to top of Notes Section
    Next Actions Copied to Tasks in Format (na)(Project Code)- Next
    The date at the end allows to track how long this Na has been
    Due Date (Task/Todo)would be used in a Tickler Fashion based on Next
    Action The NA is reviewed
    on the due date does not have to be completed on that date
    Waiting For Formats / Both as Task and Note Section of Proj.
    (na0 preceeds Next Actions but not Waiting Fors this allows for
    grouping by Person I am waiting for.
    Next Action: {Person Waiting For | FollowUp/Due Date |
    (Project Code) | Next Action Description | Date Req /Scheduled{MMDDYY}
    Example:Shari Smith 042104 (LOAS) Determine if Data Cleaned.
    If not when. 041004- with Due Date set to 4/21/2004 ,
    Entered/Requested - 04/10/2004
    Date Stamp All Action Reminders MMDDYY
    Next Actions upon completion of the task - check off and move to
    Archived Project Folder in outlook when in next in Outlook
    And Notes Section of Project either in Outlook or in Palm is edited.
    A new NA can be assigned now
    Completed Action Pasted to Bottom of Notes Section
    Completed Actions Marked with preceeding x

    Memo for a project initialization
    ****How To:****
    "Title Line" format Memo could be (Project Code) - Brief Description
    Teikie used for Templates in Palm and a Blank Template(either Memo
    or text Document) used in Outlook (copy/Paste)
    Initialization starts in the IN box in memo then be moved to Task
    (Projects) with memo being used as Ref (work or Pers) then when
    entire Project complete copy Tasks Note information to Ref Memo for
    historical Reference.
    This memo is kept in Project-Work or Projects Pers Category or an
    Archive Category
    Project initial planning is in the lower section of the memo
    GTD Categories and Explanation

    1. !Tasks/Todos
    1. !1Today - process today/soon
    2. !Agenda - Agendas to Discuss with People
    3. !Anywhere - can be done anywhere
    4. !Call - Calls to make
    5. !Errands - Errands/Items to Pick up
    6. !Home - To be done at home
    7. !Proj-Pers - Projects Personal
    8. !Proj-Work - Projects Work
    9. !School - can only be done @ school
    10. !WaitingPers - personal Waiting fors
    11. !WaitingWork - Work Waiting fors
    12. !@Work - can only be done at Work

    2. Notes/Memos
    1. *IN! - in basket (in addition to Physical one at
    Home & at Work and in Outlook)
    2. *zAgendaHist - Agendas to Discussed with People-
    Archive drag a drop copy from Outlook
    3. *SomeDay - may do some day
    4. *Ref-Pers -only used for Memos/Notes
    5. *Ref-Work -only used for Memos/Notes
    6. *Read/Review - Copied Posts from Board etc I want
    to Read
    7. *Templates - Teikie and Hard Coded Templates
    8. *zSDMB-work - SomeDay Maybe Lists -work
    9. *zSDMB-Pers - SomeDay Maybe Lists -Personal

    3. Appointments / Dates
    1. @BDay-Aniv - Birthdays and Anniversaries
    2. @Devin - Appoinments for Devin -Son
    3. @Holiday - Public / Work Holidays
    4. @Jessica - Appoinments for Jessica -Wife
    5. @Journal - Dialy Journals
    6. @Landon - Appoinments for Landon -Son
    7. @Nathan - Appoinments for Nathan -Son
    8. @Paige - Appoinments for Paige -Daughter
    9. @Work - Appoinments for Work
    10. @Personal - Personal Appointments

    4. Addresses / Contacts
    1. Unfiled
    2. #Children - Childrens's Contacts
    3. #Church - Friends etc thru our Church
    4. #Family - Family
    5. #Medical - Doctor's Dentis etc
    6. #Misc - Stores, Support, Vendors
    7. #Work - Colleagues etc