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  • Mind mapping software

    Hi All,

    What software (for Windows) would you recommend for mind mapping?

    (Easy to learn, easy to use, can print, maybe can have memo's attachad to points
    on the map? more things you know from your experience to make the use productive
    and fun?)


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    I would definitely give Xmind a try

    I would give Xmind a try. There is a free version and an advanced pro version. The free can do quite a bit.


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      I use the open source Freemind, which is available for free .

      Excellent in simplicity.
      If you need more, f.e. automatic powerpoint creation, than you can investigate Mindmanager or something like that.


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        David Allen uses Mind Manager, although it's not open source/free like the two others mentioned. I've heard good things about both of those, but don't have personal experience with them.


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          personally I love iMindmap, by Tony Buzan's company. For no other reason than it looks the best, which to me matters the most in this instance. I find things like freemind better for mapping processes or structures, rather than brainstorming, as they feel a little rigid to me.


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            I use often Freemind. Easy and free!


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              I use Mind Manager (Mindjet) and love it! I use it primarily for checklists.


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                I use freemind on my PC and IThoughts on my IPhone, maps are shared via Dropbox.


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                  I use Mindjet Mind Manager. It's quite expensive, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you really plan to use mindmapping as a big tool in your arsenal.


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                    I use MindManager paired with ResultsManager. I cannot tell you how it has changed my system. The dashboards make my review a snap. The program is super powerful and seems overwhelming at first but if you implement it one stage at a time, it's much easier. And the two companies involved are extremely helpful! They send out a series of emails during the free trial to give you the basics and have gone out of their way wheneven I've had a question or issue. I highly recommend it! Also, I just found out about iThoughtsHD, which is an iPad mindmapping app that is compatible with MindManager files as well as numerous others.


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                      Originally posted by AE Thanh View Post
                      I use Mindjet Mind Manager. It's quite expensive, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you really plan to use mindmapping as a big tool in your arsenal.
                      The full version is several hundred dollars but the light version is $100 I believe. I use the full version at work (company paid) and the light version at home.


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                        iMindMap version 5 is great, has extra functionality - you can attach notes, also sound recordings, the professional version has project management, and the online subscription is well worth it to be able to access your mind maps anywhere


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                          +1 for FreeMind

                          I can export FreeMind files to HTML outlines and paste them into my master task list (or another document), with the proper indent structure.