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Got the GTD Starter Kit but haven't gotten anything done!

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  • Got the GTD Starter Kit but haven't gotten anything done!

    Hi, forgive me if i'm missing something. I could not attend any of the seminars so I ordered THE GTD® SYSTEM STARTER KIT. However, after nearly a whole day of listening to 6 audio CDs I have yet to actually get anything done. They CDs were great to formulate a foundational understanding, but I was really hoping to have my lists, methods, and tools going by now!!! What's next? I guess I should read Part 1 of the included book but I hesitate to invest yet another big chunk of time.

    Thanks in advance.

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    THE GTD® SYSTEM STARTER KIT is not just a random set of stuff.

    THE GTD® SYSTEM STARTER KIT is not just a random set of stuff created by David Allen.
    1. Read the GTD book.
    2. Listen to CDs.
    3. Implement the system using included GTD System Guides.
    4. In case of doubt go to point 1.


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      I can imagine where adamzero is coming from. I don't have the starter kit myself, but I've read the description of the contents.

      The GTD materials are a very broad discussion of the GTD approach including the rationale for its effectiveness, some background history, a detailed description of the whole approach and also the structures of the workflow and six horizons etc.

      As a person wanting to implement GTD on your own, you have to read the whole thing to get the approach and understand it then decide how you want to start and design that.

      It's a great method and well worth all the effort, but not what someone would expect from something called a starter kit. In general, I think there is a major topic around the incremental implementation of GTD that has not been addressed. For example, what could you read in one hour and then go and implement today that would give you value? And then the second day and so on. In short: what's my next action ?!

      I think a starter kit might be something that gets you going in twenty days ( one hour per working day for a month ) and then directs you to the materials for continuous improvement. Week one could cover the workflow, week two project planning and tracking, week three the six horizons and week four set you up for ongoing development.
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        What's next?
        Go implement. The materials are the education and you are the only one who can now implement what you've learned. Part two of the book actually walks you through that step-by-step.


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          Fair enough, my mistake. I guess I should have just bought the book then for 1/8 the price of the kit. I think I'm missing the purpose of the kit, I assumed it was a higher-touch helper to get started, not just suppliment materials.


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            Hello Adamzero,

            Please do consider contacting our customer service team if you'd like a refund. They can be reached at or 805-646-8432.

            We sure wouldn't want you to have something that you felt was not valuable.



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              Thanks for the offer. I'm confident the kit will be of great value down the road, I'm just struggling with getting started. Not to worry, my question is answered.


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                Read the GTD book!

                Originally posted by adamzero View Post
                Fair enough, my mistake.
                My advice - read the GTD book you already have!


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                  One other thing I thought of to share. A big part of the kit is giving you unlimited access to GTD Connect for 30 days, where you can grab the Setup Guides from the Document Library. I would recommend checking those out, especially if you see one for any specific tools you use.

                  And it may be easier than you think to get started. I bet even in a few hours you could have a list manager set up and populated with what you most have your attention on.

                  And then, if you read part two of the book, you'll see David actually suggests two days to get GTD set up in the key areas of your life. But getting that list manager set up will be a good starting point.

                  Good luck!



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                    Setup guides

                    Yes yes, thank you. I have the Getting Email Under Control pdf open for a few days now, haven't had time to read it yet. Any others people have found especially useful please advise.


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                      Read the book

                      I qoute TesTeq:
                      "My advice - read the GTD book you already have!"

                      There is no silverbullet to take, no short cuts.... You have to put time into the implementing.

                      Best of luck with GTD.