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Can anyone recommend an alternative to JCV GanttPro 2?

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  • Can anyone recommend an alternative to JCV GanttPro 2?

    I occasionally use an application called JCV Gantt Pro for managing projects which require significant amounts of time and effort over a period of weeks or months. (I first learned about it on these forums a few years ago.) It strikes a nice balance between power and simplicity; much simpler to use, for example, than Microsoft Project. It works great as a stand-alone product but was designed also to integrate with MindJet's MindManager software.

    JCV Gantt Pro apparently no longer exists. It looks like it was acquired by MindJet and then discontinued. The newer version of MindManager has some project planning functionality built into it (it can generate Gantt charts, for example) but it looks pretty weak by comparison. I don't see that it tracks resource utilization and it does not track project costs.

    I still use JCV Gantt Pro but since it's an orphan I know the time will come when I will be forced to find something else. And since I first learned of it here, I thought I would ask if anyone can suggest an alternative.

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    I don't know if it is what you are looking for...anyway Freemind has an integration called taskjuggler that may be could interesting. Good luck